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10 food culture you should know when traveling

If a person who likes to enjoy, to experience local culinary travel on the road, you should note the following 10 things to be able to eat properly.

1. Use your hands to eat sushi


Renowned chef Morimoto said, eating sushi with chopsticks still be accepted, but the sushi is kind of cuisine is created to eat by hand. Using handmade sushi culture are ancient, they are considered a fast food bantren street. Do not forget to use a wet towel to dry your hands after each dish.

2. Do not use your left hand when using common dishes

Some African countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, the overall food family style, very popular finger food. When dining with indigenous people, use the left hand is taboo. This provision is also found in some countries in the Middle East and even India.

3. Do not call steak (beef) cooked in luxury restaurants

In many luxury restaurants, serving high-quality beef, the requirements steak is cooked cooks profanity. Beef premium standards to maintain the natural flavor, fat content and protein was not destroyed.

There is no sense to enter a high-end restaurant, called a steak plate with steak as the much cheaper hamburger.

4. Do not eat cheese with Reuben sandwich

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Many people prefer to eat more cheese sandwiches, but this is not acceptable to the Jewish restaurants, where serving Reuben sandwich (turkey burgers, beef). Their rules prohibit eating meat mixed with cheese or milk.

5. No more cheese dish Philly cheesesteak Switzerland

Unless you intentionally want to offend the locals in Philadelphia (USA), never ordered cheesesteaks, a kind of meatloaf, along with Swiss cheese. With indigenous peoples, this dish is eaten with cheez whiz right, an orange-yellow cheeses of America.

6. drink cappuccino after dinner is very eccentric

“Never call a cup of cappuccino after dinner at an Italian restaurant style”, Bruce Lefebvre, owner of The Frog & Restaurant The Peach, explained. Marginalized in the culture of Italy, the only type of coffee drink more milk in the morning.

7. Do not eat bread Chicago hot dog with ketchup


If you need a sauce, mustard is the only thing you can add to this dish.

8. Eat pizza by hand, upon receipt of the cake

Many politicians in the United States has lost the support of the electorate, just because they were seen to cut pizza with a knife and eaten with a fork. With many Americans, pizza is the dish by hand.

9. Do not try to eat at the restaurant French bread


Do not seem to “save” by eating all the bread, including breadcrumbs form, in a luxury French restaurant. Sometimes, you need to accept the crumbs left behind, though still feeling hungry.

10. Do not eat bread with cheddar cheese taco

Taco, burrito traditions of Mexico, never eat together cheddar cheese. In an authentic Mexican restaurant, this dish is eaten with white cheese production in the country.

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