17 famous street food in Bangkok

Dubbed paradise for culinary devotees, so to Bangkok just you stroll surrounding the streets will be tempted by the countless delicious dishes.

Below are the street food you should try if you have the opportunity to Bangkok.

Carbonated drinks and tea Thai

The drinks like iced coffee, Thai tea, juice or carbonated beverages are sold throughout the streets of Bangkok to visitors refreshments. In particular, only from 20-50 baht will buy you drinks on the XXL size.

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Fried quail egg

Simply fried quail egg, then served with a special sauce but delicious flavor of this dish makes many visitors can not resist. Prices fried quail egg box delicious at about 100 baht.

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Ice cream

The ice cream cone shapes, different sizes and multiple flavors like fruit or chocolate is the ideal dish for you against the heat of Bangkok. The price is about 80 baht each ice cream.

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Cream Tube

Similarly cream but cream tube tree is made simpler and cheaper price is only about 5 baht / tree. Instead of milk, people use water to make cream tube. Each ice cream is placed in an aluminum tube, embedded in ice boxes to keep cold. There are many different flavors depending on colors like orange, strawberry, mint, lemon … to choose. You can find this item in the Chatuchak Market, or along the streets of Bangkok.

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Mochi ice cream

As a variant of mochi, mochi ice cream with thin crust on the outside and inside workers refreshing cream is extremely attractive. This item was sold at Chatuchak weekend market at around 25 baht / 1 member.

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Thai Fried Rice

With around 40 baht, you can enjoy a delicious fried rice dish full of materials at Union Mall.Surely you will never forget the delicious taste of this dish.

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Squid fried egg

Golden disc cartridge, rum crispy attractive when first tasted pieces. Fried squid with extremely simple way, the first to be chopped squid is then coated with flour and fried crispy when cooked, take out and eaten with sauce. You can enjoy this dish at Chatuchak weekend market.

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Coconut cream

Go to Chatuchak weekend market, you will not be missed coconut ice cream. This ice cream comes in small coconut half then add peanut government, fresh coconut and some kind of jelly. This dish attractive diners at the fat in ice cream blended with nutty flavor from the other ingredients included.

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Fish Cakes

Unlike Vietnam’s fried fish, Thai fish cake flavor and the curry redolent. Fish is made available then the seller usually expressing membership circle and drop it into the pan until cooked, then take out. Chewy fish patties, fresh meat and fish are put together with sweet and sour chili sauce, attracting many customers. You can enjoy this dish at Pratunam or Chatuchak market.

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Fried chicken

Go to Bangkok you do not need to look at the fast food restaurant where you can enjoy fried chicken at street stalls. In particular, visitors can choose chicken that you want to eat and the sellers will fry right for you.

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Som Tam

Som Tam is a Thai papaya salad with sweet and sour sweet sour taste characteristic spicy salad and spicy Thai food most. Som Tam is made from green papaya mixed with fibroblasts dried shrimp, peanuts, peppers, sugar, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, tomatoes, … Most travelers to Bangkok are very popular dish is Tam Son.

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Mango sticky rice

As a dessert dish was extremely popular with Thai mango sticky rice dish with major components including ripe mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Thus, dishes with light colors, eye-catching diners. You can easily find this dish even roadside stalls with prices ranging between 60-150 baht.

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Grilled squid

Grilled squid dish that visitors can find in many of Asia’s major cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok is no exception. Thai style grilled squid processing simple sweetness of ink with a little sting of chili makes people enjoy a very special feeling.

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Wonton Noodle Mee

Originating from China and now Wonton Mee common in Asian countries. Wonton Mee was dry yellow spaghetti cumbersome served with steamed dim sims, boiled or fried with a little char siu meat, green vegetables and green onions. Address perfect for you savor cuisine Wonton Mee Sukhumvit Soi 38 Street.

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As in Vietnam, Bangkok is also popular with skewered grilled dishes like fish ball, sausage, meatballs … Tourists can ask the seller usually grilled on the spot and served with peanut sauce. Prices are also quite cheap skewers about 5 baht / oblique.

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Thai style fried egg

Thai-style fried eggs cooked picky, sellers often flesh fried egg in the middle and slowly wrapping pieces into a square egg. When enjoying sellers often use a knife or scissors to cut them into pieces. Although quite spicy Thai style fried egg cooked but gold cumbersome very tasty.

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Cake crepes

Although Bangkok is famous for a lot of dishes, but certainly not the English who think it will be as popular as dessert crepes French bread. With only about 60 baht as you’ve got a pie Nutella crepes with jam, whipped cream and fruits.

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