6 delicacies must try while in Myanmar

Green tea leaf salad, fish or rice cakes are the specialty that tourists should enjoy the country, upon reaching the golden temple.

Lephet thoke (green tea leaf salad)

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Referring to the land of golden pagodas can not fail to mention Lephet – fermented green tea leaves. Dishes are made ​​from Lephet mixed with cabbage, tomato, roasted peanuts, garlic and chilli. Photo: Hungarybuddha.

Russia htamin (fish rice)

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This dish is made ​​of rice cooked with turmeric, covered with a layer of fish skin and garlic oil.Fish rice dishes served with crispy fried greaves bring taste greasy and delicious. Photo: Saffrontravel.


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This is a traditional dish, spicy and indigenous herbs. Pork, beef, lamb, shrimp or fish can be eaten with curry. This dish is also unique in that ye eat together Ngapi – a sauce made ​​from fish and Balachaung – bowl of spicy sauce, salty sweet with chili, garlic, dried shrimp. Photo: Saffrontravel.

Moun, bein moun, moun pyit thalet (the cakes Origin Golden Temple)

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Indigenous people often eat junk foods for breakfast, afternoon tea. Unlike sugar coated cakes to sweet, Moun – the sweets here using copra and coconut milk, glutinous rice and fruits to create unique sweetness. Has nwin ma kin cake is a small cake made ​​of flour mixed with coconut milk, butter and raisins. Photo: Austinbus.

Hto-HPU nwe (bread soup tofu)

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Food is made ​​from a type of bean is grown in Myanmar, cooked into porridge, yellow powder coated on top, along with herbs and paprika. Guests can eat together add chicken or pork.Photo: Asiatrade.

Nangyi thoke (fried noodles Burma)

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The people of Myanmar are particularly preferred fried dishes. Nangyi thoke dish “cabinet” of the people here. Fried noodles to be carefully mixed with chicken, fish slices, bean sprouts ceiling boiling water and boiled eggs. The ingredients are carefully mixed with bean flour, turmeric and chili to bring flavor to dishes featured.

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