7 quirky dining rules the world

In Rio Claro, Brazil you must not eat watermelon, also when it came to San Francisco, United States of America, for the Dove eats in the streets and squares are taboo.

Here are some of the laws led many tourists confused when traveling, even can be fined or imprisoned.

Fasting as a native

Though not too exotic but the rule also makes visitors feel less comfortable. In 2011, Dubai ordered visitors holidaying here took place during the period of Ramadan have to perform just like the people.

That is, they are not eating during the day. Case you breaking the law because Miss eat, drink or smoke in public places. will face a prison sentence.

Be careful with the Brussels innovation

In Belgium, you will find a little trouble if left the dinner table that is still converted to Brussels in the disk. Also, the revamped throwing Brussels in the tourist is perfectly legal.So, you be careful and prepared if encounter this unpleasant situation.

 food law, food culture, food Dubai, Singapore travel
Don’t be surprised if you were modified to Brussels in Belgium.

Do not eat chewing gum

Chewing gum in the MRT (metro network) of Singapore is breaking the law. Here, the sale and eating the gum has been banned for more than 20 years now. However, in 2004, the country is loosening the law and allow people to use the candy if doctors prescribe.

No watermelon

Hot summer was cool by fresh watermelon pieces are definitely great. But in Rio Claro, Brazil, you will never see the fruit on the menu because it is banned.

food law, food culture, food Dubai, Singapore travel
To Rio Claro (Brazil) you will find it very difficult to understand because here they were forbidden to eat watermelon.

Do not release the chewing gum on the street

Litter is an act that should not turn into a habit. However, a lot of people don’t have the sense, for example the release of gum on the street.

If done in Thailand, you will be subject to fines of 600 USD or more. Not fine, you will be imprisoned.

Not for the birds

Sitting in the couch, squeeze the bread crumbs to the birds ingest when they down-swooping around the base is one of the exciting experience in many cities. But in San Francisco, United States of America, acting for the hordes of pigeons on the summer Street and squares are illegal.

 food law, food culture, food Dubai, Singapore travelIf the Dove eats in San Francisco you’ll be fine.

Do not enter or home made beer

Imported or self brewing and beer are all illegal actions in Nigeria. However, drinking beer again didn’t banned. You can buy and drink beer if found, as 21 years of age.

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