8 location of the best restaurants in the world

Not only makes you look beautiful landscape on the torus, splendor, these cities are also incredibly rich cuisine and attractive.

1. Singapore


Few years, Singapore has become one of the most interesting cuisines of Asia you will find names like Mario Batali (Osteria Mozza) and Daniel Boulud (DB Bistro Moderne) along the center of outdoor dining with gourmet enough that only around 5-6 dollars.

the world's finest restaurants, Singaporean cuisine, Hong Kong travel, travel to Tokyo

Of course this island nation, where the gathering of the world’s top chefs such as David Thompson, Loh Peng Liken-who opened the restaurant, delicious food and luxury Summit in Singapore over the past year and some soon-to-opened in this year 2010.

2. Hong Kong

the world's finest restaurants, Singaporean cuisine, Hong Kong travel, travel to Tokyo

Hong Kong variety from fine dining Street with salons pastas, dim sum restaurants such as Cantonese or Continetal. This is also the city has a lot of restaurants are Michelin stars-Medal of the reviews about food is recognized around the world.

3. Tokyo, Japan


It’s hard to pick the restaurant upon arrival at the capital of Japan because most of it is fresh and clean at all. The Japanese chef famous for his elaborate, sophisticated and incredibly thorough in selecting stitching as well as food processing. So the sushi or Japanese ramen noodle are always great trademark.

4. Rome, Italy


Today, with having to pick up a million weekly visitors each year should have had plenty of bars, restaurants in Rome became edgy and degradation. However an international gourmet may still find the cafeteria style with exquisite local flavours of Italy in Rome. Pizzas or pastas, spaghetti is no good in here at all.

5. Florence, Italy

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Italy’s second city featured in this prestigious ranking is Florence. The austere, subtle and fiery flavor is what this city c a cuisine that gives Diners. Wine degustation here and the luxury restaurant has three Michelin stars is also not rare in Florence.

6. Cape Town, South Africa


In Cape Town, the food was simple and made with artisan methods, heirloom but almost all make the visitors coming here are tired. In this city there is a outdoor market is open on weekends specializes in selling products from sheep’s milk, cheese, honey and wine are favorites. Additionally chocolate is also the specialty that you should not ignore when it came to Cape Town.

7. Paris, France

the world's finest restaurants, Singaporean cuisine, Hong Kong travel, travel to Tokyo

A new Breeze is blowing in the capital of France with the arrival of numerous restaurants do foreigners open here. The capital of this light is changing to adapt to more modern life and the hustle. However the substance of romance is still not lost.

8. San Sebastián, Spain


The restaurant is a beautiful setting, with excellent cuisine, the reason is easy to understand why the city of Spain was topping the charts page of Huffington Post vote. Dozens of local bars as well as world-class eateries where you can find all over Florence. Of course the customers would have to spend a sizable amount enough to eat one and remember forever.

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