A ring cuisine Trishaw around Malacca

Malacca as beautiful as a fairy tale. Half of Malacca classic Asian style with intricate sculptural contours, the houses in the style of colorful China, where historically wealthy traders from China to stop.

The other half of Malacca as miniature European cities, there are windmills, there are fountains with Queen Victoria Memorial and the little Red House of …

Baba-Nyonya: attractive combination

The first afternoon in Malacca, we straight steps toward the famous Nyonya Baba cuisine restaurants: Restoran Peranakan. Malacca once a bustling city, home to the most powerful traders unions Asia. The wealthy merchant from around the go, Chinese merchants to quickly identify opportunities to build your career and established his family on this lush land. They married women in Malacca and bring another culture for it. From which created an attractive combination between the Malay and Chinese cultures, complemented with influence from the Netherlands, Portugal, the uk, Thailand and India. The term Baba Nyonya refers to this generation. Baba used to call me in Chinese, Nyonya to call his mother in local language. The Baba Nyonya style dishes are extremely popular, especially in Malacca and Singapore (while in Penang, you’ll see a different cuisine style is Asam Laksa).


For a person like me, the Vietnam food Baba-Nyonya flavor so familiar. By influences from Chinese cuisine culture is part of Vietnamese cuisine, dishes and Vietnam use the tropical spice like onion, mushrooms, garlic, pepper, Lemongrass, chilies … the same as spices in Malaysia. You will see the familiar food like at home. Lunch at Restoran Peranakan, you also enjoy the exhibition of the Baba-Nyonya as the procession to welcome the bride stock, sheet stock, mirror the average character.

Junk food in the ancient town of Malacca

Right at you very easily caught a series of trolleys dangling once ripe the banana giant, also left the bigger person. Patently ignoring compelling call from fried banana dishes sinful is a giant one! Only with 2RG (about 12,000 us dollars) is just a bag of fried bananas and fried sweet potato eating holiday tired. This dish is fried so pretty much a little oil, but not so that less tasty. If you like fried bananas of Vietnam made from bananas and porcelain berry presses up again and then take the frying up, so the inside is soft, thin banana layer duct, crispy exterior tan, Malaysian fried banana dish was quite funny. “Goreng Pisang” gold hatching inside the unpressurized unpressurized, my fragrant jasmine rice is thick, and also by cutting the pieces brought up fried without squeezing squash.

Cendol is popular dish of cold tea in here. From day to night, whether city or go to the night market, I caught Cendol cloth plate. Cendol identical Black Bean Tea Cake gets its coconut water. Coconut milk cooked with pineapple leaves give off a natural vanilla fragrance, with a cool black beans in a hot sunny day and. .. Feeling great!


There is also an incredibly delicious snacks caused me to run to run back and forth to buy up to 3 times per day each run: Apam Balik! This is somewhat similar to pancakes, crepes or clamp the peanut butter. Peanut butter made from peanuts roasted, finely ground up, mixed with crushed brown sugar. Pies then get clamped, cut into smaller pieces. Unless you are allergic to peanuts, otherwise the Apam Balik is definitely one of the must try classics snacks upon arrival in Malaysia. Crispy crunchy batter outside, slightly chewy inside, sometimes a seller also uses other personalities such as corn milk. Simple but extremely satisfied.


In Malaysia there are two interesting dish when chef prepared, you feel like watching a performance art. Roti Canai is that and Teh Tarik (pulled tea). People here often start a new day with tea Tarik, Roti Canai pie accompaniment. Don’t miss the chance to get to see Uncle bakery chef, rotate and roll the dough a Roti Canai doing stylized art. A fascinating thing is at the end of the visit the butterflies and reptiles in Malacca, you will enjoy the Teh Tarik and traditional series for free. This is the program to promote travel to Malacca. Just been watching thousands of butterflies, has been going through the forest to direct contact with the snake, then sip tea warm, aromatic sizzling scissors. I feel I can sit for hours just to see who you stand “pulled” tea from cups to another.

More information:

-Getting there: From the capital Kuala Lumpur bus ride to Malacca takes about 1.5 hours.

-The sights

• Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum-

• Fort A’Famosa

• The Stadhuys

• Observation Tower Taming Sari

• Butterfly Sanctuary and reptiles (Malacca Butterfly & Repltile Sanctuary)


• Restoran Peranakan (Baba Nyonya cuisine) 107, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca

• Jonker’s night Walk (only open at weekends)

• Along the Malacca River has numerous bars, night clubs or cafes.

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