Colors of Hong Kong cuisine

No coincidence that Hong Kong is the uk’s Independent newspaper praise as the “culinary capital of Asia. With more than 11,000 restaurants specialize in Eurasian dishes, Fragrant Harbour of origin really is gourmet food.

You can find a variety of fried dishes sautéed sidewalk, wonton noodles and spicy sauce crab for extra class, the dim sum cuisine of color-specific diversity of Hong Kong. Here are some suggestions the featured dish must try when you come to Hong Kong.

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Dim Sum

Dim sum is the common name of all the breakfast dishes prepared according to wrap a thin dough layer on the outside, the inside is human, including salty, sweet, fried or steamed items. Enjoy traditional dim sum stems from the cultural influences of the Guangdong with bustling tea rooms, the dishes are out of the box by tre stacked deeply dull roots into the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong.

Maxim’s Palace’s restaurants are many tourists choose to enjoy dim sum with space to enjoy the stunning views of Victoria Harbour. You can call a number of dim sum tradition to enjoy a quintessentially Chinese cuisine like har gau (shrimp sticker)-the legacy of Cantonese cuisine, siu mai (shumai) dates back to the Yuan dynasty is now about 800 years, char siu bao (dumplings compact residence) and cheung fun (wheels). A places dim sum was already known for more than 80 years in the world of labour in Hong Kong but quite strange with international visitors, that is the Lin Heung tea house. To the tea house, you be reliving Hong Kong 1930s with her serve to push the cars old dishes filled with delicious dishes such as chicken legs and pork chops greasy, while the uk waiter pouring hot tea water from the giant steel kettle for guests.

Dai Pai Dong

If West had the barbecue-style feast, then to Hong Kong, you can not miss the occasion to Le la in the tantalising called Dai Pai Dong. You can sit down in a plastic chair with friends gather around a wooden table circle and witness the delicious dishes such as seafood, tuna, fried rice, noodles are cooked directly in the outdoor kitchen. Wok-hei-the art of cooking with a pan of SUPERSIZED became very good experience of the chef a dai pai dong makes senses of customers unable to sleep alone.

Hong Kong cuisine, dim sum, Hong Kong travel, Hong Kong, Asian cuisine

The place to enjoy the most delicious Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong including the Stanley road in Central, including a Hup Kee, a Yue Hing Hong Kong sandwich with the famous “front way” with the covered peanut butter and boiled cabbage over the traditional material is salt pork , ham and eggs. In addition, you can experience the taste of Dai Pai Dong on the first restaurants Shun Kee to instill traditional seafood flavors of Cantonese seafood.


The noodles with all the size is the people’s favorite dish in Hong Kong. Not hard to find a restaurant serving pasta mix, noodles and fried noodles. Wonton noodle with pork and shrimp Guo sparkling entertainment is combined perfectly with the golden egg noodles in rich broth in the famous noodle dish that is much cracked and tourists looking to enjoy.Noodle this family opened a 46 years and is run by 3 generations, celebrated by a traditional recipe properly adhere precisely to bring out the flavor perfect for noodles.

Kau Kee Restaurant more than 90 years old was also famous by beef breast with noodles always appeal to customers lined up waiting to come down overflow menu. And to find the correct Cantonese fast food quality, there is a restaurant chain, Wah Tsui locality which serves cha chaan teng traditions such as the Satay beef noodle, egg and ham sandwich, fried rice.

The desserts

Hong Kong cuisine, dim sum, Hong Kong travel, Hong Kong, Asian cuisine

Hong Kong has a lot of desserts and snacks of Guangdong for the “thirst” Fragrant Harbour of gastronomy exploration perfectly. Long Yuen Kee Restaurant, serves regional dishes such as sesame cakes puddings or black beans types would be a suggestion or for you. You can also come to the bakery Wing Wah Whyte custard roll cake and brittle wife (multiply the melon, almonds, Sesame) is famous the world over. And the last to enjoy the sweetness of those snacks Street, you have to try the egg waffles bulging at the Master Low Key Food with crispy crust and soft part of bread inside.

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