Japanese cuisine not only sushi

Referring to Japanese cuisine, almost every traveler will think of the famous sushi, but this dish is just a small part of the diverse culinary map of the “Land of the rising sun”.

Along Bettertraveltips.com explore the attractive dishes of Japanese sushi outside familiar offline!


Shojin ryori

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Shojin ryori, or also known as vegetarian dishes, the traditional food of Japan is developed from the diet of Buddhist monks. Prohibited from killing, Buddhist monks have designed their diet without meat, only includes vegetarian dishes. When visitors stay overnight at a temple in Japan, you will probably enjoy a meal as part Shojin ryori special here.


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Oyakodon was chicken rice Japanese style and very loved here. According to Japan, this dish to eat while still hot, the new fully enjoy its delicious taste. Most attractions of the main dish is chicken, chicken pieces are tender but not friable, again imbued with strong medium sauce delicious slightly spicy.


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Learn about Japanese cuisine, visitors can not forget Okonomiyaki, also commonly known under the name “Japanese pancakes” – one of the traditional dishes of the Japanese.Okonomiyaki is essentially quite simple processing, which is used many ingredients mixed together and baked on a grill so big. Improvisation processing also partly explain very special name of this cake. The name derives from capital cakes okonomi – “something you love,” and yaki – “barbecue”, from which Okonomiyaki is interpreted as “something you love barbecue” and a baker can be arbitrary processing of personal preference .

Kabocha chiffon cake
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Kabocha chiffon cake is a typical example for the use of combinations of Japanese ingredients (locally grown vegetables, adzuki beans, tofu) and how they are produced cakes West to create a great product . This cake is very popular in Kyoto, and tourists can enjoy this cake in Sarasa – local restaurant chain serves international cuisine and Japanese.


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Street food takoyaki is very loved in Japan. In Japanese, tako means octopus, grilled and takoyaki yaki is a kind of bread baked octopus personnel. The viscera throughout the country, you can see pictures of the cake mold hot takoyaki anywhere.

Cakes Wagashi

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If it comes to Japanese cuisine has imbued with national identity, artistic medium, it is impossible not to mention cakes Wagashi. This kind of traditional pastry seasonal Japan, with exquisite taste, rich colors, express harmony between aesthetic value and nutritional value.Also, bread Wagashi is also a symbol of hospitality and the Japanese often present it in the wedding ceremony, birthday …

Onigiri rice balls

Onigiri rice ball is a dish very close and familiar with Japanese. To make this dish, the first to put the rice and ingredients like tuna, salmon eggs or tuna eggs on the table hold. Then use the type of seaweed or algae to hold back. When enjoying this dish in the restaurant, guests may just hold roasted rice, crispy rice and flavor will be more and more bold.

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