Pancakes and mashed potatoes Dutch

Waffle, pancake, mashed potatoes … are dishes available in most countries worldwide. When introduced to local variations back in style, in which the Netherlands is no exception.

Many reviewers Dutch cuisine quite monotonous, emphasizing only the typical dishes of Europe as bread, cheese, soups. However, there still popular dish in the world are variations in style, simple but taste bring interesting and new.


Waffle is a pudding was very much loved and had every version of the world. Unlike thick crusts hatch that people see, the Dutch waffle called Stroopwafle, flattened, looking more like a biscuit. “Stroop” means syrup or syrup, and also to just layer between two layers of caramel syrup waffles are pressed flat down by machine or special tooling.

You can find stroopwafle everywhere on the streets of the Netherlands, however, is still the most deliciously fragrant cakes, made hot spot. The Dutch typically enjoy this cake by laying it on the mouth cup of coffee or tea to make steam to warm pie and part human soft inside.

20150729082617--1 Bettertraveltips.comA package stroopwafle prepackaged or spot price from 1 to 2 euros. Photo: Wikimedia


If you are followers of spongy pancake fragrant, can not forgo POFFERTJES, miniature versions of American-style pancakes. POFFERTJES made from barley flour, so the texture of the cake light and fluffy more. Part of POFFERTJES powder no way should one or served with powdered sugar and butter.

Normally used for breakfast pancakes but with the Dutch pofferjes a street snacks can be enjoyed anytime. The best thing is in a winter day you go and stand on a fair wait pofferjes chef made little puffs of hot breath steaming, and so eat unknown destination.


20150729082617--2 Bettertraveltips.comThe traditional restaurant pannekoeken often to cake on the plate blue enamel famous white city of Delft (called Delfware). Photo: TripAdvisor

If pofferjes is a “mini” of American pancakes, pannekoeken like a version sized pancake of France. You will be overwhelmed when the waiter brought a plate to approximately one-half pannekoken table. Quite similar to the pancake in France, pannekoeken very thin and can be spread with a diameter of up to 30 cm. Pannekoeken fed with all kinds of topping (for more material on the cake), salty or sweet, depending on your preference.

To eat authentic Dutch, please deft roll the mid plate and sprinkle pannekoeken up plenty of special syrups made from sugar beet which is available on the restaurant table. Since pannekoeken loud so you can totally see it as a main meal.

KOFFIE verkeerd

Like many other European countries, the Netherlands has “coffeehouse culture” (cultural coffee). People come here for direct talks on political, social, or simply chat while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. However, coffee in the Netherlands is not very diverse, most notably KOFFIE verkeerd, a type of white coffee.

Interestingly KOFFIE verkeerd literally translated as “wrong coffee” (coffee wrong) so the proportion of coffee and milk nearly equal. The Netherlands also sip a cup of coffee or a small cookie.

Dutch version , Stroopwafle , POFFERTJES , PannekoekenMany people often joke that Dutch people are very stingy, only to correct a biscuit eaten.Photo: loveamsterdam


In addition to snacks and desserts above, stamppot a Dutch traditional dishes are variations from a common dish, which is mashed potatoes. Do not be surprised when you see this dish often eaten on the board of the Netherlands. Some people joke that Dutch people only eat sandwiches in the daytime and in the evening stamppot.

Wherein external Stamppot mashed potatoes they mix different types of vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, spinach, turnip … Therefore, not always easy to eat stamppot kind against foreigners. Stamppot served with smoked sausage is typical dinner dishes every Dutch family.

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