Suggestions that you try the delicious dishes in Singapore

With the interference of multiple ethnic cultures, Singapore has created a painting colorful cuisine, there resist the lure for tourists. Together we explore the unique delicacies you should try in 1 day tour Singapore offline!


Kaya toast served with runny eggs

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This is considered a traditional dish every morning of locals and celebrities around the world.Singaporeans are having breakfast using slices of bread and then a layer of jam kaya inclination thicken as coconut and eggs. More particularly, it also marked the bread slices into egg boiled remains constant waves reddened runny.

Suggestions destination:

Killiney Kopitiam: 67 Killiney Road, Singapore 239 525

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery: 204 East Coast Road, Singapore 428 903 (closed on 2nd day)

Ya Kun Kaya toast: 18 China Street # 01-01 Far East Square, Singapore 049 560 (there are over 30 stores in Singapore Ya Kun)

Chwee Kway

This is a popular breakfast dish in the island nation Monday this lion and this dish in most towns and island cuisine Johor. This dish is made from steamed rice flour, looks very soft, smooth and covered up with fried radish, peppers plus some spices eaten. Despite that, many young people have little hesitation to starchy foods like this, but really would be a pity if you miss the opportunity to taste this dish when traveling to Singapore.


Suggestions destination:

Jian Bo Shui Kueh: 30 Seng Poh Road # 02-05, Tiong Bahru market and food center (168 898)


Bak kut teh (Tea ribs)

There are so many stories that explain the birth of this dish. There is a touching story has it that there was a starving beggar to knock home a sell wheat boss, ask something stomach lining.Capital boss is also very poor, but mercy before plight of beggars, he went to retrieve the pig bones leftover tasting some delicious spices, cook up a pot of broth flavor brown day . Perhaps thanks to sincere love that new water pot was delicious captivates people.

Suggestions destination:

Tea ribs Song Fa: 11 New Bridge Road # 01-01, Singapore 059383

Ng Ah Sio ribs tea: 208 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218 453 Hong Building (closed on day 2)

Ya Hua Tea ribs: 7 Keppel Road, # 01-05 / 07, Tanjong Pagar Complex PSA, Singapore 089 053 (closed on 2nd day)

Pomelo Salad


This dish is a harmonious combination between the traditional style of the Asian salad and a common material throughout Singapore – Pomelo a pomelo fruit is sweet but rather sour.Pomelo salad thereby become ever more unique.

Sparkling wheat puller

Sparkling wheat puller is a signature dish of Cantonese, the squeezed dry pasta is cooked in broth embedded heirloom recipes, upper bowl noodles are cut thin slices of tasty pork and meat or effervescent puller beautiful plump shrimp.

Suggestions destination:

Sparkling wheat puller Fei Fei: 62 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427785

Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House: 91 Bencoolen Road, # 01-53, Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652

Curry Laska


Laska spicy curry, fat is a traditional dish in Peranakan culture, especially with the combination of the elements in the style of Chinese cuisine, the Malays and the people of Singapore.Therefore, Laska there are many different versions, anyway you should taste this dish once said.

Suggestions destination:

Katong Laksa 328: 51/53 East Coast Road, Singapore 428 770

Sungei Road Laksa: Blk 27 Jalan Berseh, # 01-100 Singapore 200027

Janggut Laksa: 1 Queensway, Queensway shopping center # 01-59, Singapore 149053



Popiah is a rolls, including shrimp, eggs, carrots, sausages, vegetables, price book in a crust served with its own sauce.

Suggestions destination:

Glory Catering, 139 East Coast Road, Singapore 428 829 (closed on Sundays).

Fried Carrot Cake

Almost always Singaporean and Malaysian dishes mill, rice flour and bread include white radish steamed, then fried up may served with eggs and other spices.

Suggestions destination:

Carrot Cake: 20 Kensington Park Road, Chomp Chomp Food Center, Singapore 557 269 (close rotating the 3rd day)

Carrot cake Fu Ming: Blk 85 Redhill Lane, Redhill culinary center, Singapore 150 085

He Zhong fried carrot cake: Bukit Timah Upper 51, Bukit Timah market and food center, Singapore 588 172


Dim sum


Perhaps not need many words, everyone knows Dim sum is a vital part of the food culture of the Chinese community. Dim sum place to enjoy the most famous is Tim Ho Wan, 450 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, # 02-02, center ERA, Singapore 319 394.

Chilli crab

Chilli crab dish that you can easily enjoy everywhere on the island, and most visitors to Singapore are not to be missed.

Suggestions destination:

Red House Seafood Restaurant, 68 Prinsep Road, Singapore 188 661

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