The attractive desserts in Singapore

Every country in the world are culturally very diverse cuisine and Singapore is no exception. That is clearly reflected in the dishes with colorful and distinct flavor characteristics.

Here are the attractive dessert that visitors should try if given a chance to Singapore.

Ice Kachang

As dessert was a very long time at Lion Island, in about the year 50, 60 of the 20th century and are initially sold in the teahouses sidewalk. Ice Kachang made from raw materials mainly jelly, red beans, sweet corn, palm kernel decorated above an eye. Underneath the ice layer, condensed milk and syrup with vivid colors. Ice Kachang dish often eaten by large bowl or cup long. You can try this popular dessert at Cold & Hot Desserts Tian Qing in the food area Red Hill.

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Che Cheng Teng

Che Cheng Teng is a dessert not only in Singapore but also popular in the Southeast Asian countries, however, depending on each country, but this dessert have different names. This is a refreshing dish nutritious because it made from lotus seed bank atrium, ginkgo, dried persimmons, longan … Visitors to Singapore can enjoy at Ye Lai Xiang dishes Hot & Cold Cheng in TNG Bedok Corner cuisine.

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Tau Huay

Tau Huay dessert dish is common in Asian countries, but due to differences in the regions should have many different ways to call this dish as donhua, tau fu fa, tau Huay and in Vietnam, this dish known with the name of the ship or tofu phớ .. Tau Huay made from soy, pureed, strained juice, to add substance east and eaten with sugar water. Currently, Tau Huay are variations with many more flavors like mango, chocolate, matcha, and even durian.Singapore, you can enjoy this dish at Rochor Beancurd House. Address: 745 Geylang, Singapore 389 653.

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Putu Piring or Kueh Tutu

Though Putu Piring India origin while Kueh Tutu originated from China but two cakes with a similar appearance, just another part of filling. Putu Piring is steamed cake made of rice flour with jaggery workers inside, there’s still Kueh Tutu made from coconut grind or peanuts. To Singapore, you can enjoy this dish at Haig street food area.

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Ondeh Ondeh

Derived from Java, Indonesia, cakes Ondeh Ondeh now popular in Malaysia and Singapore.What a cute little Ondeh Ondeh made from sweet potato mixture, glutinous rice flour, jaggery Pandan or … baller back surrounded beans (can be a red beans, green beans, black beans) then boiled fresh grated coconut and rolled over. Special section Ondeh crust Ondeh many different colors such as blue, yellow, purple, … Visitors can enjoy this dish at Cambridge Deli in Syed Alwi Road.

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Chendol is a very popular desserts in Southeast Asia, is made of pandan leaves, palm sugar, coconut milk, red beans, peanuts, ice, … Initially, Chendol was introduced in Singapore thanks the Java, then Singaporeans have this dish variations to suit their tastes. Chendol similar tea black bean cake coconut water reached in Vietnam. You can arrive at Tekka Market Slush Chendol to enjoy this famous dessert.

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