The ecstatic delicious ice cream around the world

Italy has a delicious gelato Summit, Japan had mochi ice cream and aromatic plasticizer the Israeli seeds unique.

1. Gelato-Italy

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This famous cream of Italy have plenty of flavors that have eaten up to several dozen times you also never enjoyed is gone.

2. Ice cream mochi-Japan

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Those who love Asian food in General and Japan in particular would not be any clink ice cream shell is white rice, red beans, green tea exotic country this sunrise.

3. Helado-Argentina

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If you think the Italian ice cream is the most perfect in the world, then perhaps it’s because you’ve never been to enjoy the cream of Argentina. The cream in the South American country is as high as the mountains and the taste is also very rich.

4. Ais Kacang-Malaysia

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Malaysia’s distinctive cream contains the material quite strange compared to other Western countries but is familiar with the Oriental country as black jelly, sweet corn, palm nuts, diced fruit, condensed milk and. ..

5. Ben & Jerry-Vermont, Usa

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Ice cream brands Ben & Jerry across large and small supermarkets in the u.s. and the creams are tourists quite unpopular.

6. Cream clumping-Cornwall, England

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Cornwall in England is famous for its ice cream clumping is made by steaming hot milk cows and then cooled slowly to the East again. This aromatic ice cream on, because contains more fat.

7. Ice cream seeds-Israel

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Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds are pounding and then mixed with honey to make a cooling ice cream are the locals as well as visitors to Israel is very interested in the summer afternoon.

8. Dondurma 1000 K

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Traditional ice cream of Turkey is quite malleable and dai as candy pull that. Sellers often have to use sticks to get the ice cream looks pretty fancy.

9. Kulfi-Indian

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Looks more like a frozen cake than yogurt, kulfi, India made from condensed milk mixed with flavors like mango, saffron, cardamom or pistachio.

10. Spaghetti-eis-Germany

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Spaghetti-eis, a mixture made from vanilla ice cream mix the potato flour strawberry sauce sprinkle soy source and white chocolate shavings look like traditional pastries of Italy, have become popular novelty desserts in Germany since 1960.

11. Akutaq-Alaska

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Akutaq, also known as Eskimo ice cream traditional cream in Alaska mix animal fats with sugars and wild berries.

12. Frozen Yogurt-Usa

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Along the coastal cities of the United States of America, ice cream frozen yogurt decorate various popular sold quite cute.

13. Tartufo-Italy

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Not only gelato, Italy is also equally famous also tartufo. Vanilla ice cream with pureed fruit, cherries dipped in chocolate smooth attractive’ll not.

14. Frozen Custard-Milwaukee, United States of America

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But rather are composed of simple n fresh cream, milk’s, egg yolk and more dense cream normally but no one can deny its delicious hard to beat the cream.

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