The famous snacks in Hong Kong

Fish egg noodles, noodles with fresh shrimp wontons effervescent puller or quiche are some dishes you can enjoy in “culinary capital” of Hong Kong.

Fish egg noodles


Acne, also known as fish ball very fresh tasting. Egg noodles with raw fish is fresh rice noodles to fiber, the broth made from fish bones and pork bones stewed for hours make a sweet sound. Then people put more fish eggs, beef, pork and beef fried fish pieces on top. Fish egg noodles chewy but still retain plasticity, combined with the soft meat and broth member in fresh, all make for an intriguing flavor can not refuse.

Famous brands: Store German egg noodles fish Initiative

Noodles fresh shrimp wontons effervescent puller


Like dumplings cage of Shanghai, fresh shrimp wontons Wheat is a famous delicacies of Hong Kong. Shrimps to make cake Sparkling puller who is loud and fresh shrimp were selected very carefully, noodles made from golden colored eggs, chewy but still very soft. Also, water is also very important ingredients to create a tasty bowl of wontons. Water used to be made from bones jar, dried fish and shrimp shells.

Famous Brand: Van Than Tri Ky



Cows member of Hong Kong is famous crunchy sweetness of beef tendon closely blended in special sauce tasty match. This dish was so popular that in the movie “The Gods” Stephen Chow, it is also possible analogy is used as balls. Here cows often mixed with wonton noodles, can also eat together other ingredients such as shrimp meat, cashews, quail eggs … When you enjoy, you will feel the outside chewy meat Members inside the soft, sweet, rich aroma,

Famous Brand: Beef Phat Members

Young chicken quiche


This is one of the street snacks typical of Hong Kong. The main ingredients include eggs, sugar, flour, butter mixed together to form a thick mixture. Then the mixture was poured into the mold and then baking honeycomb up. The cake looks like the yellow chicken egg incubators still retain crispness and flavor, greasy butter and vanilla, delicious hot food especially the bread just baked. Today, in addition to the traditional taste, the chicken quiche more cubs are variations with many different fillings like chocolate, coconut fiber or black sesame premature … gives customers the choices are abundant.

Famous Brand Cake Cuong Loi premature eggs Name

Quy high priest


High flexibility is provided for dessert specialties from Hong Kong, the composition includes turtle shell powder, breaking for parts, delivery addresses, dandelion and honeysuckle flowers.This dish looks initially with dew jelly and soft flute but more chewy, slightly bitter taste when eaten so often used with honey. This is a cool dessert, which detoxify heat effect, very good for health.

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