The most delicious food of 10 airlines in the world

Air New Zealand, All Nippons Airways and Korean Air is the airline offers an extensive menu and meet the requirements of most guests cabins.

Air New Zealand, New Zealand


A talented chef and two wine experts make up the menu for the business class airline, showing the diversity of New Zealand cuisine. Meals include grilled salmon with salt plants, Moorish chicken stewed tomatoes, saffron, white beans, and pumpkin baked cinnamon. Passengers can choose the white chocolate dessert with panna cotta roses cake, pistachio ice cream together.


All Nippon Airways, Japan

First Class passengers will be the company’s safety, there are places to relax before takeoff and a separate room for lies. However, the most impressive on flights of All Nippon Airways is the cuisine. If you plan to leave New York, the company will have the option to guests as a modern European dishes and traditional Japanese food.

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Emirates, UAE

The reason for Emirates by experts selected precisely because dinner Business Awards also present in culinary tourism Saveur magazine. Guests can enjoy smoked chicken or braised beef with coconut milk and strawberry cheesecake desserts. Emirates plane with all the rooms equipped with full bed to first class passengers feel at home. Other pluses of the Emirates is a mini bar, privacy for guests to relax, chat and enjoy a drink.


Etihad Airways, the UAE

Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world tourism (World Travel Awards). Their special feature is the unique rooms inside the plane. The company has a chef to arrange the dishes for the meal and to meet the requirements of customer privacy. You can also choose the “residence” (shelter) to enjoy a bedroom, bathroom, living room with a flat screen and super diverse drinks cabinet.

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Japan Airlines, Japan

There are first class ticket on the plane of Japan Airlines which means you get to enjoy a private room with wooden furniture and a 23 inch TV. Flight Restaurant offers cuisine from both Europe and Japan, prepared by three different chefs. Try lobster and abalone salt, roasted pistachio dessert with Japanese pint.

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Korean Air, South Korea

The super-luxury class passengers when Korean Air selected to be enjoyed “Celestial Bar” – the area for people to relax and enjoy the strange cocktail. The airline won two awards Mercury. The company has a menu-style cuisine Western, Chinese, Japanese and Korean for selected passengers. List of Korean Air dishes indispensable noodle and chicken soup cooked dongchimi ginseng.


Lufthansa Airlines, Germany

Recently, chef Christian Jürgens, who won the 3-star Michelin restaurant in Uberfahrt Christian Jürgens in Bavaria, preparing food for the first class. The food on the plane of Lufthansa Airlines is very rich, according to the landing point. If you go from New York to Hong Kong, the menu will be dishes pumpkin ravioli, pork loin with apple eating. Every month, the company also changed the list of wines.

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Qatar Airways, Qatar

The airline Qatar Airways has 2 chef’s menu for guests, making appropriate choices, such as mezze (including many small dishes) of Arabs and salmon cooked with dill, mustard baked .With drinks you try jasmine green tea before bed and in the morning macchiato, or taste some wines.

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Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Its menu includes fancy chicken skewers, lamb or beef with bean sauce and fresh cucumber.Before takeoff 24, guests can select food menu. The airline also serves Indian specialties or sea fish.


Swiss International Air Lines, Switzerland

Class seat has its own menu and also give passengers the most special experience. The food here is change over time for a new chef redesigned its menu every three months. Each dish is inspired and brought culinary traditions of Switzerland.

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