The restaurant only uses a famous ingredient in Paris

CNN page just lists the processing restaurant dishes only from a material that tourists should visit to Paris occasion.

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Restaurant Guy Savoy by famous chef master owns 3 stars Michelin. Food Guy mainstream use is oysters. The restaurant is right Champs Elysees and only 16 seats. CNN also introduced to the guests two dishes should not miss the occasion to visit this restaurant, the oyster sauce and oyster shell tangerine jelly – specialties by Guy Savoy homemade.


Eggs & Co

The restaurant serves dishes specializing in chicken eggs, with culinary masterpieces such as egg omelet, eggs Benedict, eggs … served with grilled vegetables, cheese and meat. The taste of the food in many tourist shops are considered unique, delicious. Quan is the familiar address of many people in the city of Paris.


Le Souffle

The restaurant is in the heart of District 1 of Paris. The main ingredients of the cuisine here is a soufflé – light grilled dishes made ​​from yolk, egg white and the other ingredients. Restaurant dessert menus of seniority since 1961 include raspberries, chocolate and spiced wine.


Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico is meant “pub of the beautiful birds”, so it’s no surprise that the main specialties here are chicken, duck. One of the favorite dishes at the restaurant is fried chicken, chicken and chicken broth soup, duck pate, chicken liver, fattened Bresse hen with truffle.


Terroir Parisien Bar a Rillettes

This is a bar by chef Yannick Alleno employed, specializing rillettes (a product made ​​from minced pork marinated, cooked slowly in fat form a shape like pate, bread used spreadable) . This dish is many favorite Paris. Restaurant open in the evening, with menus being evaluated CNN unusual but interesting.



Snack Shop related to apples. Go here guests will enjoy a varied menu and extremely attractive as Brittany fish soup with cider, apple butter salad, apple sauce Roll veal …


Maison de la Truffe

This restaurant serves rare truffle and a destination for gourmet from 1932. Most of the dishes here are prepared with black truffles of France, Spain, Australia and white truffle from Alba, Italy. The restaurant also sell online for a black truffle 12.5 gram vial of 49 USD.

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