Tips to eat cheap in Singapore

In the list of ten countries where travel guide book Lonely Planet says most worth visiting in 2015 the small country of Singapore is ranked first.

Meanwhile, in recent years Vietnam tourists to visit Singapore is increasing. Also the number of visitors and tour groups, no less self-design-budget trip very economical, especially for dining expenses like the way that travel sites Travelfish instructions.


Lion island nation will celebrate the 50th National Day next year is the main reason for Lonely Planet ranked Singapore the highest grade.

20150731150920--1 Bettertraveltips.comSingapore fried noodles

Besides the architectural heritage is protected and preserved strict with monumental architecture and spectacular new building, the shopping center full of charm guests, clean and green environment …

About food, Singapore dining centers everywhere with all sorts of menu from East to West, convenience and service very attentive guests.

Thanks to this culinary center, Travelfish claim: you can eat three decent meals, delicious every day with only about 10 Singapore dollars (S $) – equivalent to 165,000 VND VN – a pleasant expenditures in a country that is still considered quite expensive.

20150731150920--2 (1) Bettertraveltips.comVietnam rice plates with S $ 4.5 $

Three meals cheaply

People often say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you start a new day with a breakfast full calorie Singapore style, including a kaya bread (toast margarine and jam made from coconut) and a cup of kopi (coffee with milk, coffee milk like Vietnam).

This quality breakfast as £ 2.5 S $ and are sold in almost all food centers or about 3 S $ at the cafe of Killiney Kopitiam brand which is familiar to natives.

If you love to eat light breakfast, just a cup of kopi or a cup of tea and a cake or a small dumplings cost about S $ 0.5-1.

20150731150920--2 (1) Bettertraveltips.comBreakfast with toast and cup of kopi kaya at a store Killiney Kopitiam

After a morning outing, you can choose any food center to have lunch with a dozen choices but also horizontal price with breakfast. The restaurant “popular rice” (Economic rice) sell cheap rice dishes with names: 2-2.5 S $ for part or with meat or rice with vegetables (for vegans). Or maybe check out the meat sauce rice with sweet and sour Tau, fried tofu and vegetables.

Also very popular is the chicken rice is considered the traditional dishes of Singapore. You may find selling chicken rice – boiled chicken or turkey – but only 3 S $ has a disk attached a cup of hot broth.

This chicken rice more delicious when eaten with chili garlic sauce stuff stung. If you enjoyed roast pork, roasted pork rice dish made Guangdong with similar price.

20150731151132--4 Bettertraveltips.comTraditional disk Singapore chicken rice is priced at S $ 3

Having calculated the cost of the trip, there are still about 4, 5 S $ for dinner. Whether thrifty funds does not allow you to enjoy the local specialties like crab or crab sauce chili pepper sauce, but still help you stomach with a bowl of laksa and char kwayteow disc is also traditional cuisine Singaporean.

Laksa noodle noodles or cooked with fish, shrimp and coconut fatty gelatinous, and char kway teow noodles or fried noodles with shrimp, oysters, also very fat sausage.

If you go to a group, can “partnerships” for same eating a meal consisting of satay (skewered meat served with peanut sauce), Singapore-style carrot cake (really the bread made of wheat or rice flour mixed radish and eggs, with color like carrots) and mix rojak (vegetables, fruits, tofu, price …).

20150731151132--5 Bettertraveltips.comLaksa dish cooked with coconut milk and seafood

10 S $ amount of course does not allow you to drink alcohol and then, by right at the culinary center, where beer is sold at the most affordable prices, then a bottle of Tiger beer cost nearly three meals affordable by the above .

In Singapore, the country inspired public taps are drinking, you just cost about S $ 1.2 for the first bottle of water, then water to drink relaxed mood for fun all day long visit.

The culinary center

With the majority of foreign tourists, the place where they are known in Singapore mainly Orchard, Raffles Square to Marina Bay and downtown area with luxury hotels along the front row people large shopping centers.

However, where self-sufficient travelers with limited pocket money to know the area is populated with condominiums, schools and shops, culinary center. The dining venues cheaply outside the area brilliant, flashy often just watching.

20150731151132--6 Bettertraveltips.comChomp Chomp Food Centre are always crowded diners

It is the culinary center on Old Airport Road, the center of the city a little bit to the east, where the sale of most of the dishes featured drinks Singapore has not changed for years.

Among other landmarks along the way markets Seng Poh Tiong Bahru – Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest residential areas in Singapore – and on the 2nd floor of this market is the ideal place for guests with a functional backpack Chinese food; or Chomp Chomp food center on Kensington Park Road, where numerous visitors come to eat dinner.

And scattered in many other neighborhoods also have shops, food court with affordable prices.

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