Top 10 delicious breakfast dishes while traveling in Singapore

Kaya Toast, Nasi lemak, dim sum, rice noodle roll rolls, … is one of the many fascinating light dishes, you must try when certain tourism Singapore .

Kaya Toast

Topping the list of typical breakfast items are toast Kaya Singapore.


This bread is baked by coal, while food will be spread more kaya (a pineapple jam made from eggs, coconut milk and pineapple). Most people are very fond Singapore started their morning bread Kaya eaten with omelet and a cup of hot coffee.

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You can enjoy Kaya toast at most coffee shops in Singapore. Ya Kun Kaya But Toast shop and coffee shop chain Killiney Kopitiam new celebrity is a great place to enjoy Kaya.

Nasi Lemak

Almost arriving in Singapore you can also encounter stalls selling this item. Nasi Lemak is rice cooked with fragrant coconut fat, served with a long menu of savory fish fried rice, fried peanuts, eggs, sausage, fried chicken wings, fish cake, vegetables, curry …


Frog porridge

Singapore frog porridge was eaten once delicacies that visitors will remember forever.Porridge is cooked in a clay pot with a distinct aroma of frog meat, scallions and chili spicy dried and steam concentration of fresh peppers. Especially the frog porridge made here only after a friend called up the frog meat is very fresh and guaranteed. Come famous Geylang to enjoy this dish.

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Dim sum

Dimsum is also very popular delicacies for breakfast at Lion Island. When looking through photos Dimsum in Singapore, you can hardly see the difference between Chinese Dimsum and Singapore, but when to eat, you will feel the difference in taste is quite clear.

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Especially in Singapore, you can eat delicious dumplings variety unforgettable arrival Dimsum restaurants, among them to try char siu buns with tasty gravy.

Rolls rice noodle roll

This typical breakfast dish of Singapore is derived from China, but the flavor and style of Singaporean cuisine. Mixed with shrimp, char siu, beef wrapped in rice cake crust thin coated and then steamed. Then dotted with sweet or spicy sauce will make your custom preferences “addicted” to this dish right from the first piece. Chinatown is considered the most ideal place to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.


Roti Prata

Roti Prata stems from how long ago crepes from Pakistan and India, is a very popular dish in Singapore. This dish will make visitors extremely satisfied by the taste impression, and often eaten in the morning.

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But often Roti Prata served with bean soup or curry, but today, this dish was created with much more style served as the durian, cream, cheese, chocolate and banana. All are very attractive for an interesting breakfast.

Chai Tow Kway

Chai Tow Kway also known as carrot cake. This dish is made from white radish steamed with rice flour into bread. Then it will be fried with eggs and decorated with green onions. Carrot cake has two types of white and black. You can enjoy the most delicious piece of carrot cake in the dining areas Makansutra gluttons Marina Bay near the Esplanade, or culinary center Newton Food Centre.

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Chwee Kueh

This is one of the cakes are very popular in Singapore. Chwee Kueh are steamed rice cakes with the top layer is fried radish. Singapore residents often eat this cake for breakfast or snack during the day. How to know if it is good or not Chwee Kueh was observed smoothing of the cake and smooth taste greasy, spicy spicy chili fried radish.

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Lor Mee

Made in the style Hokkien mee, at first glance, you can see Lor Mee noodles delicious no nothing. But do not let its appearance fool because once tasted black sauce tasty flavor of it, you will remember forever alone.

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Tasty black sauce is often the deciding factor Lor Mee noodle bowl often classified scrumptious kind, and this sauce is prepared by mixed pork bone stew, eggs and spices.


Popiah to Singapore by immigrants Chaozhou, and has become one of the snacks sold a lot in the streets of Singapore in the morning. Popiah is a thin crepes filled with seafood, meat and vegetables before being rolled back as spring rolls, looks extremely attractive.

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