Top 4 Singapore food characterized New Year

Yu Sheng salad, cake Nian Gao, longevity noodles, dried meat Bak Kwa New Year symbolizes luck, prosperity and health.

Lunar New Year, feast of Singaporeans gathered a lot of traditional dishes, rich in meaning for the family. With the Tet holiday period long calm day, the Vietnamese family planning can spring travel abroad to Singapore to enjoy the full culinary elite, feel and share with family members in the words wish luck, prosperity in every dish.

Yu Sheng salad for a prosperous year

New Year food , Singapore , Singapore delicacies , culinary SingaporeThe harmonious color of raw fish Yu Sheng disk for a year implies full enough, prosperity.

Singapore is customary to eat Yu Sheng in the new year with confidence will be lucky, good.This is a salad made from 27 ingredients like salmon, vegetables, tubers, variety of sauces and spices. Each component contains good sense as fish represents prosperity, bringing jackpot carrots, turnip greens for life, white radish contains significant advancement … All components are faring small presentation on a large saucer very harmonious in color.

There sauce dishes, delicate spices such as crushed peanuts meant for gold and silver, five tastes flavor sauces 5 categories symbolizes blessings, yellow plum sauce beautiful as gold everything, brings sweet and uplifting in the relationship.

How to enjoy this dish is also quite special, everyone gathered around the table, tillers are raw disk, picking up and chanted sentence for each other good luck before eating. Due to the processing process and symbolic feats featured dishes Sheng Yu should almost just for enjoyment for formal occasions such as Tet. That makes dishes made sense and became specialties can not miss for all your family members if be in Singapore during the Lunar New Year.

Nian Gao cake tighten friendship

Unlike Yu Sheng, Nian Gao cake sale organized throughout the year, but each time the New Year, often soaring consumption. Singaporeans especially like to enjoy this cake in the first days of the new year with confidence to bring the sweetness, developed for different mounts.

Meaning goodness of this cake comes from doing and names. Cake made from glutinous flour with high adhesion, add a little sugar, a little ginger to taste sweetness mixed plastics slightly spicy, ethereal. Nian Gao as delicious and taste while enjoying a hot cup of tea together in intimate conversation. Cakes are also pressed into shapes such as fish or lucky silver bullion … Besides, how to pronounce the name Nian Gao cake similar to the word for the development, year after year, so it is good. Tet season, people often gave each other Singapore this cake as a gift for someone you cherish.

Dried meat Bak Kwa find your luck

20160201111926-4--2 Bettertraveltips.comDry meat with red Bak Kwa luck.

Bak Kwa dried meat eaten very popular game in Singapore and is also considered the traditional cuisine in Tet. Derived from Chinese cuisine, with time, the taste of Bak Kwa types are variations according to the taste of the people of Singapore and expanded materials such as dried pork, beef, chicken … Instead of baking on as traditional coal fire, Bak Kwa is dried by machine, ensuring nutrition, safety, food hygiene and taste delicious. This brings snacks red and also wrapped in red paper to symbolize good luck. Not only to Singapore Tet that if at any time during the year, you and your family should also try and buy some Bak Kwa about to give as gifts.

Wheat longevity (shou mian Chang) demand long life

20160201111926-4--3 Bettertraveltips.comThere are many ways to variations typical longevity noodles Singapore Year season

Derived from Chinese culture, famous longevity noodles also favored in Singapore in the new year with wishes of people will live longer and eat healthy. This dish is also variation in many different ways and still be served with green mustard sauce, but still ensuring a long and tough noodles to express the meaning of food.

Longevity noodles suitable for the whole family, especially for the father of to express filial piety of children. In addition to the New Year celebration, people also enjoy this Singapore for his birthday.

To Singapore from 1st to the 15th annual Lunar, tourists can soak up the atmosphere for Tet with special cultural festival here.

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