What’s inside the tent the night snack in Korea?

In the Korean film, you will easily find the main character sitting in the dining tent at night, on the bottles of liquor soju and some get drunk. It’s a casual culinary culture that originality of kimchi.

The light tent featured, featured an orange canopy that named Pojangmacha. Pojangmacha can call the center of street food in South Korea.

Step into any of the street in this country at night, you can catch a Pojangmacha at a street corner. Pojangmacha can be a small goods vehicle, or is a fairly wide stalls but strung like a small hut and tent. Pojangmacha sells many popular street food such as hotteok, tokbokki, sundae, odeng, and Anju (dishes accompanied with drinking).

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Pojangmacha are commonly divided into two types, type daytime shop normally sells snacks and night store often for drinks with a get but the second form is more common.Pojangmacha stalls can be regarded as a fast food type of Weld by people can stand to eat or go the way.

With a catalog of street food, featured, each Pojangmacha are one of the tables and chairs or pews cheap price for customers, especially our guests to drink Soju at night.

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A Pojangmacha often have what? The answer is all of the foods. Just that is preferred by many dishes, casual enough for everyone, it will appear in Pojangmacha. But here’s a list of some of the more popular food types:

-Tokbokki: Dish made from Korean rice cakes and dried fish or seafood sautéed with spicy sauce. This is one of the most popular snacks in South Korea.

late night food, Korean food, Korean travel, South Korea

-Fish Cake Odeng and broth: A long fish cake made from flour milled and fish were put in a long oblique zăc zic. This unique dish can easily be caught in any South Korean movie Qu c would. They are kept hot by the water users and the dish is great for cold days.


-Tempura: Fried squash, fried potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, shrimp, fish and oodles of other fried form. They are actually very similar to Tempura fried dishes, which you can find in stores in Japan.

-Soondae: call this dish “persuasion” of South Korea, the raw materials (often with sticky rice and properties) are stuffed in pig intestines and cooked. Some South Korean men likes them sauteed with Tokbokki.

late night food, Korean food, Korean travel, South Korea

-The type of simple bread.

-Stir-fried dishes are simple to get drunk with wine.

Why are Koreans so Pojangmacha preferred? By it’s street food, as the food quickly, with inexpensive. They’re easy to enjoy and be present everywhere. Moreover, in the nights away, still warm, bright place that more budget a Pojangmacha?

late night food, Korean food, Korean travel, South Korea

Koreans visit Pojangmacha not just to get that occasional moments to relax after a long day’s work, or simply to meet, PHO confided.

Sense stand eating smoke ngut stalls side, or sit on the bench to click on each wine’s pangolin flavor Soju indeed extremely interesting. If coming South Korea, do not forget to Pojangmacha to list the points need to drive. This is also a great location for exploring South Korea fun night.

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