The world’s most delicious noodle shops serve only 9 guests at a time

Tsuta noodle shop in Tokyo is the first in the world to be awarded a Michelin star – the award is regarded as the standard of all food gourmets.

Shop looks like 5,000 other noodle shop in the capital of Japan, but the pasta here can not mix with anywhere. Shop owner, he Yuki Onishi, himself made the pasta from wheat four special categories, while water is the most essential part of the chicken and fresh seafood, rigorous selected.

delicious noodle shop , serving 9 guests , a Michelin star , Tsuta , TokyoTsuta serving ramen. Photo: Nextshark.

Each bowl will be served with boiled eggs cooked to medium, barbecue pork and bamboo shoots. However, what makes the restaurant so special is the perfect tenderness of meat plus a special taste, can not find in any other diner. “I’m glad my noodles are world recognized with a Michelin star in the manual, though it was not my original goal,” says Onishi.

However, to earn a place in this shop is not easy due to Tsuta only 9 seats and not get booked in advance. If you want to eat, diners have to pick up the tickets at the shop and deposit 1,000 yen. Tickets will be for diners to eat within the hour from 11 to 16h, but despite holding tickets available, the customers still have to queue waiting their turn about an hour.

20160708095338-2-bettertraveltips-comShop only serves 9 guests at a time so many diners have to get tickets early. Photo: Japantimes.

Although ranked in the Michelin guidebook but Tsuta restaurant is the cheapest dish of them. A bowl of noodles here have interest rates with a Burger King you can buy anywhere in Japan.Price for a simple bowl of soba 850 yen  and 1,300 yen if more bread and meat, and is completely free of water.

Tsuta restaurant Japanese style. Diners will order on an automatic machine located at the doors and make the payment (only cash accepted) by the chef’s hands are always active in the kitchen. Shops quiet and no noise other than your voice and the sound of touch noodles dishes. The whole process for foreign visitors can be quite stressful, but with the Japanese, this is the norm for an authentic noodle shop. Visitors can come here quite easily by subway, stopping at Sugamo Station, go out under the door and went 1-14-1 add 300m to the north.

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