World’s most expensive ice cream

The ice cream is considered the world’s most expensive are the 23 carat gold flakes and are priced up to $ 817.

A cafe called Scoopi Cafe in Dubai has just unveiled a new dessert made way for about upstream. In addition to the main ingredient is vanilla, ice cream also has material from Iranian saffron and black truffle kind of rare.

ice cream, world cuisine, the dish is expensive
Use of expensive creams, you are always carrying both bowls and spoons on making memories.

However, what makes this different ice cream is in these 23 carat gold flakes are cleverly covered up b sides. Each Member of cream worth 817 u.s. dollars, put in a bowl of Versace style, graceful pattern with gold tones and a small spoon. Use, Diners can comfortably carry both bowls and spoons on making memories.

Known as Black Diamond, which means black diamond, Member of this cream takes 5 weeks of successful new production and is now considered to be the most expensive in the world. Zubin Doshi-owner Scoopi Café-reviews of popular ice cream dishes in the city usually just type “cheap money”. He stressed the desire to “will more and more people in Dubai are enjoying the most excellent products with reviews deserving”.

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