10 best sunset destinations in Singapore

Punggol, Pulau Ubin, Marina Barrage, Tuas Lalang, … is one of the many great destinations to watch the dazzling sunset views during tour Singapore .


Changi Point Coastal Walk

2.6 km long walkway at Changi Point Coastal Walk always attracted tourists. Guests can take part Changi Point Coastal Walk or take off depending on time, health and hobbies. Despite going a short distance, or go all the way this sea, the sea you are in front with wind, sand, waves to watch the sunset is amazing.

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Most travelers to Singapore have to recognize that this place is a paradise for those who love photography. Because close to Punggol Beach is surrounded by the banks of the breakwater, to prevent the ebb tide time. An interesting point here is that the main road out of the area, you will find a vast meadow mop winding, a beautiful quiet stop to watch the sunset.

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Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a favorite of most people in Singapore when’d temporarily away from modern life in urban areas. Besides being an ideal destination for biking, unspoiled island is also a great place to watch sunset moments.

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Cé La Vie Club Lounge

Located in the central area of ​​Singapore, this luxury Skybar each magazine New York Times as one of the world’s 10 best Skybar. Here, in addition to sipping delicious cocktails, guests also have the opportunity to watch the spectacular sunset views.

20150928105643--4 Bettertraveltips.comPhoto: Cé La Vi

Tuas Lalang

Nestled on a vast land in western Singapore, Tuas Lalang may not be many tourists know about but it is a point to be a Singaporean often choose to take wedding photos and sunset.

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Marina Barrage

Not merely serving for water supply and flood control for the city as its name implies, the Marina Barrage dam is also entertainment as a famous scenic Singapore.

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Henderson Wave

As the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, Henderson Wave has a unique architecture, designed like a snake crawling in the air, will be a worthwhile experience for watching sunset.

20150928105810--7 Bettertraveltips.comPhoto: Precieux.me

Ulu Pandan Reservoir

If you need a quiet place to be able to fully enjoy the scenery Ulu Pandan Sunset Reservoir is a place you should visit. It is with immense space, Great will be an ideal place for you and your family.

20150928105810--8 Bettertraveltips.comPhoto: Francis_G

Woodlands Waterfront

An interesting place to watch the sunset at Singapore’s Woodlands Waterfront. At Woodlands Waterfront has a tourist pier, visitors can go out there to enjoy panoramic sunset views brilliant.

20150928105810--9 Bettertraveltips.comPhoto: sgromancing.com

Lower Peirce Reservoir

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park is one of the most amazing location in Singapore to watch the sunset. Go here you can walk, cycle a park round, Lower Peirce Reservoir … certainly will not make you bored.

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