10 great destination while traveling America in autumn

Autumn weather is when the United States entered a brilliant season, both deciduous trees make beautiful landscape like a painting.

10 great destinations to see the country fall.

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Gatlinburg is a small town, located in the valley in the eastern state of Tennessee, which is known as a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, measuring about 520,000 samples. In the fall, visitors can choose watching the colorful foliage from 4,000 feet, or sit against yellow leaves under foot.

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Also vibrant downtown area, the largest city of the state of Oregon – Portland boasts 5,000 acres of forest within their area. Passengers can surf through the forest to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the colorful foliage. In addition, guests can visit Multnomah falls, it takes about 40 minutes drive along the Columbia River.

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With beautiful nature and mild climate, the city of Greenville, located in South Carolina is an attractive destination for outdoor activities including hiking and picnic parties collecting golden foliage.

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In autumn, the forests around the city of Asheville, North Carolina as being put on colorful plate. Guests can watch the leaves turn color when mountain biking or hiking along the quiet street of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Known for ski world class, Park City, Utah is also a great destination to see autumn. Before the snow, the peaks of the Wasatch range is covered with beautiful colors when the leaves change color.

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Nestled Ozark Mountains, Arkansas – the state located in the southeastern United States region boasts a charming downtown with unique shops and eateries. Guests love nature will have exclaimed at the beauty of the vegetation alive while canoeing along the Kings River or explore on their own rugged mountains.

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Niagara Falls is famous not only by the spectacular, but the space around it is also an ideal destination to watch America fall. The tree colors forest stretches over more than 400 acres of state parks always attract all visitors.

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Aspen is a city in the county in Colorado, USA. Under the Rocky Mountains during the fall, visitors can delight in cycling, or walking along the top of the mountain, where they will enjoy the natural splendor of the trees turn to gold and red color.

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With more than 700,000 hectares of protected forest, North Conway in the state of New Hampshire is a spectacular place to watch the autumn. Guests can hike on mountain trails Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast, or drive along the Kancamagus Highway, where they will see the sights on the season.

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Ranging majestic Green Mountains, idyllic town of Stowe, Vermont is known for a 200 year old village, where there are quaint shops, cafes and restaurants, where guests can relax to watch romantic scene, the romance of autumn.
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