10 interesting thing not to be missed in Rome

Throw a coin into the Trevi fountain or tasted pizza is native Skyscanner suggestions for travelers who want to explore Rome, Italy.

Walking around Vatican

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The tour takes you through the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, galleries Raphael … and other famous places. You will enjoy great feeling when passing a tandem queue seemed endless.

When traveling in groups of no more than 20 people, there should be a guide to be given full information on the history and religion of the massive work.


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You heard about the volcano Vesuvius eruption? It was destroying almost all of what exists here from 2000 years ago. But now the city has become a famous archaeological site and is recognized as a world heritage.

You can catch a bus or train from Rome and have the opportunity to go Pompeii ruins observe remnants of the city and feel the death of the ancient houses. To reconstruct the shape of the body, they inject plaster into the gaps of the decomposed skeleton by long time under the ashes of the volcano.

Angels and Demons Tour

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Tour Angels and Demons (Angels and Demons) will give you a pleasant experience while exploring the Illuminati secret society and writer Dan Brown. Guests will jointly follow Robert Langdon character to trace the killer in the novel and film of the same name.

On the road to discover the ancient secrets of the Illuminati, the tour will take visitors away from Maria del Popolo Church to St. Peter’s Square, Navona Square, Castle of Sant ‘Angelo and the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.


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Go to Rome without visiting the Pantheon, the Roman temple was an omission, please arrange a time to visit the famous ancient temples in the world. Built around the year 118-125 BC, the Pantheon is one of the main buildings of the ancient Roman Empire. It is believed that this is where the gods to serve as the Pantheon in Latin means “Temple of all the gods”.

The Colosseum

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The Coliseum is a popular area – where the boxers showing his strength by fighting to the death. Considered a symbol of Rome, the arena impressed by the length of 200 m, 156 m and a width of almost 50 meters high.

Trevi Fountain

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Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful places of Rome. TOPS sparkling water flowed from the oldest port in Rome often called “Acqua Virginie” (holy water tops). Prominent in the middle of the lake is a majestic statue of Neptune, the sea god, standing proudly on the chariot was won by the horses as dread brave sea.

Do not forget to throw a coin before leaving because according to legend, if leave a coin in the fountain, you will have the opportunity to return to Rome.

Roman Forum Area

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Roman Forum or the name Magnus Forum is the ruins remains of a glorious Roman Empire.This is the central area of ​​Rome with the busy trading activity. Appearing from the 7th century BC, the Roman Forum to date are still traces of the ancient basilicas, temples, arenas, government buildings, …

Da Enzo Al 29 eateries

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Do not leave Rome if you have not tried cucina romana – traditional Roman cuisine. Nowhere in Rome with good food than Da Enzo Al 29 service style gently and superb cuisine deserves to you to reserve a table at the top of this diner. With the motto of quality is all – Da Enzo is sure to please even the most discerning diners.

Loffredo cake shop Pizzeria

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There is no better place to enjoy Loffredo Pizzeria pizza with thin crust, affordable. Needless picky you also had a scrumptious dish. And nothing better than a seat and enjoy a pizza at this popular store.

Ciacco Bar & Bacco

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Think again if you believe that Italy only noodles and pizza. Ciacco & Bacco is a charming small sandwich bar, where there are always salads and sandwiches catching fresh fish and fine meat. Even with meat, cheese and bread, Ciacco & Bacco is perfect choice for busy people.

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