10 most beautiful beach the Mediterranean

Referring to this land, people think about white sandy beaches and blue waters as only in fairy.

10 most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.


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Kaputas. Turkey: white sand strip located next to the imposing cliffs create wonderful setting for an ideal vacation. There are no hawkers or shops, so you need to bring food and water.

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Zlatni Rat, Brac, Croatia: Wave blue waters and sandy beaches stretch between white pine makes Zlatni Rat where many tourists choose as the destination. This beach hotel also was sunbathing naked. It is also the favorite of those who love windsurfing. Beach also frequently change shape according to the wind strength and sea lines.

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Rena Bianca, Santa Teresa, Sardinia: With warm blue water caressing the smooth white sand, Rena Bianca is a typical example of a Mediterranean beach. Thanks to the clarity of the water, this place became the diving and wonderful boat. Additionally, guests can play water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing.

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Mitjaneta Cala, Minorca, Spain: small beach located between the cave and cliff became active in the summer.Besides lying on the sand, the adventurous tourists can dive from cliffs high 9 m.

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Egremni, Lefkada, Greece: blue blaze of bright white sea of sand and making it into one of the most charming beaches of Greece. Due to the outback and inaccessible, Egremni usually quite calm. And since this is Greece, you can sunbathe topless or in a state of nature without worry.

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Hammamet, Tunisia: Tunisia’s capital, situated about 65 km, Hammamet beach is a favorite of international travelers. In addition to sunbathing, swimming, you can also ride a camel along the beach.

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Paradise, Mykonos, Greece: If Egremni is a refuge for those who prefer a little privacy Paradise for partygoers.The young visitors flock here in the summer to enjoy life at the bar close to the sea, vibrant nightclubs and dance parties on the beach in the sunset. This is also a nude beach permit.

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Plage Notre Dame, Porquerolles, France: France is famous as a location leading swim, including Notre Dame Plage beach on the island Porquerolles is the brightest. You can enjoy the scent of the eucalyptus trees and surrounded by beaches. Moreover, almost the entire island is a national park should be no uncontrolled waste status.

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Marina, Marina, Egypt: Marina has a lot of private beach with a range of cottage and cabin rentals. Although many do not realize villas unmarried couples but Marina is the preferred destination of the local youth. The most popular party often takes place on the beach.

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Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece: Guests can only get to this remote beach by boat. Every year thousands of visitors welcome Navagio by white sand beaches, clear waters to incredible and majestic limestone cliffs.
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