10 reasons not to be missed tourist paradise Panama

If you only know through the Panama Canal to Panama greatness or profile scandal, you missed a golden spot in the world tourism.

tourism Panama , the Panama Canal , Metropolitan Park , PanamaPanama is not only famous for the Canal is considered the 8th wonder of the world. Photo: cruiseline.

No. 1 destination is New York Times poll

In 2012, New York Times poll Panama is the world No. 1 destination. Despite being a small country, only by North Carolina in the US, Panama possesses many scenic world-class: the unique tropical forest, the beautiful mountains, the two shores of the Caribbean and the Pacific, more 1,000 islands, 6 Indian culture is preserved, Miami-style capital city, vibrant nightlife, the resort is fully equipped, the beautiful streets untouched, the Spanish colonial relics Houses, world-class golf courses, scuba diving, sea sports, surfing and not to mention the 8th wonder of the world – the Panama canal. It is hard to think of anywhere else in the world can converge a variety of factors such perfect travel.

Good price

Nowadays, people tend to search for cheap tourist destination. Usually the tours to places such as the pristine beauty of Panama have rates sky conditions that few are involved. However, Panama is in the process powerful boost tourism, promote the image of friendly destination travelers so everything related to tourism are at extremely affordable rates. In Panama City, taxi and hotel food or are a reasonable price. According Econimist, Panama is one of the 10 most expensive cities at the world.

The Adventures world class

20160407172616-parama--2 Bettertraveltips.comPanama is a destination for adventurous travelers. Photo: panamaoutdooradcantures.

Panama offers many options for tourists traveling on the type of discovery in the levels of difficulty and easy. International experts drunk with Panama cruise along the river, including activities such as rafting or kayaking. You can join the journey from the ocean to overcome the jungle, living along the ancient Indian tribes and experience their culture and long on the beach or surfing the world famous Santa Catalina. Mountaineering, sailing, jungle expeditions, horseback riding, surfing, … numerous activities to choose from when you come here

Safe Destination

Panama is one of the safest destinations in Latin America. Special tourist crime low. You will not have to constantly wary of pickpockets or theft as in other countries in the region. Foreign residents will tell you how safely in Panama compared to their home country and the security situation better.

Friendly destination with tourists

When you come here, you’ll notice people Panama is one of the friendliest people in the world and most of them speak English though not fluent. Since Panama open international trade, Panamanians understand, appreciate and enjoy the international friends. Panama is the currency dollar contract, one of the advantages for guests.

The best place for nature tourism or eco

Panama is home to natural attractions unique world most accessible, is located as a narrow bridge between the two continents to a few primary forests and tropical rain forest biodiversity, the park country has a total area of ​​more than 2 million hectares. “In other countries you have 20 tourists looking for a bird view, but in Panama, a tourist can see 20 birds,” a simile locals.The key lies in biodiversity: Panama has 944 species of birds, more than the total number of birds of both the US and Canada combined. Importantly, most of these natural wonders are very accessible. Some of the most beautiful cities even Panama less than one hour drive.

Infrastructure where leading

Panama infrastructure ownership in the capital on the American model with high speed internet, good quality highways, 90 banks, hotels, restaurants, top shopping destinations in Latin America.

Many unique destinations accessible

20160407172616-parama--3 Bettertraveltips.comPanama is home to nearly 1,000 species of wild birds. Photo: News.

Panama City is nestled in the tropical forest inside the Metropolitan Park, rainforests and the Panama Canal where you can explore the jungle without wading streams Pass to paddle away.Pipeline Road is home to 350 bird species live visitors can see in a day, just a half hour drive from the city. In Panama, you can be very close to tropical nature without going far from abandoned facilities or face danger.

Fishing, diving and yachting world class

Here there are fishing spots world class both on the coast of the Pacific or the Atlantic. Pinas Bay owns 170 world fishing records. Excellent diving sites: Ocean Park Coiba, Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro archipelago, Portobello and Chiriqui coast.

Great place to experience Indian culture

Not just one but as many as six Indian tribes living here. Each tribe in its own territory where can preserve the unique culture of their own. Many tribes live in areas where very approachable and happy to share their cultural life with visitors.

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