10 reasons why you should travel once in a lifetime Maldives

Beauty ownership of “paradise on earth where” where there is a unique culture, class service quality, or land on Earth is about to disappear, … are the reasons why you should travel Maldives one once in a lifetime.


1. Now you can fly to Maldives with only 249 USD

Many people think the flight to the Maldives usually very expensive, however you can still hunt types cheap flights to here, namely fly with Tiger Airways. As far as the promotion of its latest, the guests to pay 249 USD for a return air ticket to come here alone.

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Maldives tourism opportunities with the airfares of $ 249 Tiger Airways. Photo: Asiaone.com

2.   Taste typical food

Like any maritime region in the world, food Maldives also largely revolve around the seafood dishes. However, the ingenuity and creativity in the process helped the food here very distinct flavor. Features of the food here is usually hot, spicy and coconut flavor, but use very little vegetables. Maldives tourism, visitors do not miss the curries, usually locals called RIHA extremely attractive.

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It is ingenious and creative in the process helped the food here very distinct flavor. Photo: Asiaone.com

3.   Please tourism Maldives archipelago before disappearing

Famous is the lowest country in the world, with an average elevation of territorial nature is only 2.3 m over sea level. So, no surprise that the Maldives is always at the top of the top destinations on earth is about to disappear.

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Please tourism Maldives archipelago before disappearing. Photo: Asiaone.com

4.   Unique culture

Maldives is a paradise famous tourist resort with the system the most luxurious in the world, and the wonderful natural scenery. But not limited to the fairy frames, Maldives also owns the characteristic culture, very own Indian Ocean region sunny, wind and sand. Go beyond the beach here, guests will discover the mosque, the baths, tombs, Buddhist temple in Male – capital of Maldives.

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A mosque in the capital, Male. Photo: Asiaone.com

5.   Class service quality

With an economy largely based on tourism, this island paradise has to meet the entire demand for ultra luxurious accomodations as well as experienced professional service. Of the 200 islands in the Maldives are mined, nearly 90% of which are dedicated to the luxury resort.Thus, visitors will have the chance to experience the level of tourism services in the world.

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Maldives is famous for tourist-class service. Photo: Asiaone.com

6.   As one of the top diving sites in the world

Maldives is famous not only by the beauty of tropical waters, but also because this place possesses some the world’s best diving. It is interesting and attractive to tourists sightseeing in Maldives oceans is not only unique reef circuits but also by many marine organisms live. The reef around the Maldives circuit haven of parrot fish, fish sweetlip, colorful marine algae species other invertebrate.

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Snorkeling in Maldives delight. Photo: Asiaone.com

7.   Ideal destination for people in love

It is often referred to as the Maldives: Paradise love. Truly so, with the sunny warmth of the sun, the blue color of the sea, white sand sequence has turned into a tourist Maldives ideal for couples.

Maldives tourism , capital city of Male , service class , Maldives
Ideal destination for lovers. Photo: Asiaone.com

8.   Where ocean ecosystems is extremely rich

Each shark watching tours in the US could last for 8 hours that visitors only see one or two children, while in the Maldives travelers can see anywhere from 1500-2500 amounts sharks and dolphins. At any time of the year, there are about 10-12 shark and dolphin species living around coral reefs.

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Guests can easily see sharks here. Photo: Asiaone.com

9.   You will never feel bored in Maldives

Maldives has many unique tourist activities, will make guests never have “chance” bored here.One of the exciting activities can be listed as: coral diving, rowing, cycling, yoga, shopping, arts and crafts furniture, … In addition, tourists can rent a boat to visit the many other islands around the capital Male.

20150618162411-du-lich-maldives-travelti-9 (Bettertravetips.com)
Guests never have “chance” bored here. Photo: Asiaone.com

10.   Great place to watch the sunset

Diving under the clear waters, helicopter for a panoramic view from above, or simply sitting on the beach watching the sunset here as tourists to experience any desire always has been done once in life.

20150618162526-du-lich-maldives-travelt-10 (Bettertravetips.com)

20150618162526-du-lich-maldives-travelti-11 (Bettertravetips.com)
Spectacular sunset views in the Maldives. Photo: Asiaone.com

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