10 things not to be missed in Shanghai

Visit the studio, Bund, French Concession, Chu Gia sense or super-speed train ride is something you should definitely try.

Shanghai – most major cities of China – dubbed the crossroads harmonious ancient oriental touches mixed modern Western definition, urgently. The city is also known as “the capital of the love story language” when taken as a backdrop of the majority of modern novels in China and become the dream city of many young people.

Here are 10 things you can not ignore when to Shanghai by two Singaporean blogger is recorded in Evans and Raevian trip not long ago:

1. Visit the Bund

Perhaps no public trip to Shanghai but can skip this famous landmark. Bund, also known as The Bund formerly foreign concession area live.

she10-7655-1442286912 Bettertraveltips.com Bund will be where you can not ignore. Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

In the past, many stories, movie times mentioned nationalist Bund and Huangpu river, even quite two movies named after this famous ever been shown in Vietnam and many audiences love .

The West Coast landscape quite old and ancient, still look to the East are the skyscrapers sprouting up closely, always lit until midnight. It is also the embodiment of a Shanghai youthful and dynamic.From the station, you can look into television tower Oriental Pearl – the symbol of the city – on the other side of the river.

2. Shopping in Nanjing

Nanjing (Nanjing) is the 5.5 km long walkway focused restaurant, a business center in the house with classic European architecture. It is the author describes like films, a novel about the 1930 Shanghai last century.

If tired legs, you can go down the street tram, for those afraid to walk. Cost per trip is 5 yuan (over 15,000 contracts).

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Nanjing Pedestrian Street. Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

3. ‘Catch’ food

Since the largest economic center of China should cuisine in Shanghai got so rich because immigrants brought their cuisine to this homeland “gross”. You have so many options, from fine dining restaurants to sidewalk stalls, from furniture to queue romantic tired legs. Including Beijing roast duck, thou puller, water dumplings, tofu rot …

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Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

4. Wandering in the ancient French Concession

European soul of Shanghai is located in the French Concession, which lies in the management of the French from the late 19th to mid 20th century This area is now largely retain its appearance with houses old architecture but luxurious.she38-tourism-media-8699-1442286913 Bettertraveltips.com

Photo: Expedia

You should look through the New Heaven and Earth (Xintiandi) – entertainment complex, eating in the old house full of art. This area is always immersed in a fun atmosphere from morning to night and is the headquarters of tourists from everywhere.

Sinan Road and Shaoxing is known for the famous green trees are grown from a hundred years ago, and the building moss. Quiet street makes a great traveler lost in the European neighborhood.

Electronic Ward (Tianzifang) was a lively area with small traditional alleys, closely cafe, bars, craft shops, art galleries and street cafes.

5. Drop Lujiazui – the economic center of China’s busiest

Lujiazui is located in Pudong district, financial and economic center most famous people in the country billions. Unlike the old west district, Pudong bustling, modern and busy by influx of people, the car is bustling, hurried along the skyscraper has become a symbol of modern China.

she9-4083-1442286913 Bettertraveltips.com

Shanghai View from the East Coast. Photo: Chinarainbow

You can look at the television tower Oriental Pearl with two pink orbs, became famous for a while, once the tallest building in the world, Asia is still headed or tower Jin Mao, walkways Lujiazui giant circle giant, Apple store …

6. Take the train quickly surface

Not many people know that high-speed Maglev train in Shanghai is one of the fast train lines horror, most of the world at speeds reaching 430 km / h. To go the distance from Pudong International Airport to Longyang station in the city (30 km), it only takes less than 8 minutes, including the time to stop at the station.

she5-3461-1442286913 Bettertraveltips.com

Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

You have several ways to enter the city from the airport. However, do not miss the chance to experience the feeling of going fast as this unique wind. Evan also suggests that there is not too much difference between ordinary and VIP-class ticket (twice as expensive). Therefore, you just bought is fine class tickets.

7. Chu Chu Gia travelers to sense

Chu Gia town Stock sensory (Zhujiajiao) means their homes Chu, an ancient town located not far from Shanghai, which is very popular with tourists. From downtown, you go take about an hour to get to this place, an ancient Chinese space for up to 1,700 years old, bring a very different perspective on the city.

she7-1159-1442286913 Bettertraveltips.com

Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

In addition to the old house on the water, there is a sense Chu Gia ranges cafe, a restaurant opened adjacent to the canal, is the ideal place for those who need a quiet, watching the sunset over the ancient town of moss style.

8. Stroll along the East

Think of the Huangpu river, people often think of the Bund on the west coast, but few people pay attention to areas east coast seemed only the office building also has a pedestrian street very quiet waterfront close and romantic. Along the waterfront is a chain of coffee shops like Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs or Muskcat Coffee.

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Photo: Eatandtravelwithus

9. Role-play the nationalist movie character

Shanghai studio was built and completed in 1999, recreated the streets of the decade 20-30 last century. This is where the scenes of most of the films of this period. Lac entered the studio, you will find very familiar angles by each flash back many times in the popular movie.

shfp-8876-1442286914 Bettertraveltips.com

Photo: Panoramio

Studios from downtown Shanghai less than an hour drive, you can come here by bus or metro.Admission is 80 yuan but well-deserved, if you are a fan of movies. Studio divided into several zones, open from 8:30 to 16:30.

10. Visit Jing An Temple, Garden Garden

These two structures carrying feudal appearance. Garden was built during the Ming Dynasty and was renovated in 1961, most items are fairly new and looks intact. Garden suites are popular with restaurants, famous cafes; which is the most crowded Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant always have long lines queuing visitors.

Jing An Temple was built in the 3rd century, then to 1216, it was relocated to the current location – middle of acres of high-rise buildings in Shanghai. The temple is a spiritual place for people looking to place peace. It also exhibits the largest jade Buddha in China, high as 4m. However, to enter the temple to buy tickets cost from 50 to 100 yuan.

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