10 tourist destination attracts many visitors as in 2015

This list is based on a survey by MasterCard Index of Global destination city (Global Destination Cities Index) based on the following criteria: the purchase of air tickets, buy souvenirs and other expenses for for tourism.

Along Bettertraveltips.com through the list   10 city attracts many visitors as in 2015 offline.


1. London, UK

2014 Ranking: 1st place

London once again topped the list with the number of visitors expected to visit in 2015 will reach 18.82 million and expenditures of tourists will reach about $ 20 billion.

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2. Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Rating: Location No. 2

Bangkok also retain his 2nd position with the number of visitors expected to visit in 2015 is about 18.24 million. According to MasterCard, Bangkok is the city with the fastest growth rates in tourist spending, rose 11.8% over last year and the spending of tourists in this city up to 12.36 billion dollars.

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3. Paris, France

2014 Rating: Location No. 3

Dubbed as the most romantic city in the world with many famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre and the class cuisine should not be surprising as the capital of France ratings 3rd place in this list. According to MasterCard will have approximately 16 million tourists visited the city in 2015.

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4. Dubai

2014 Rating: Location No. 4

Dubai rose one rank compared to 2014, surpassing Singapore with the number of tourists is expected to reach about 14.26 million in 2015. In particular, Dubai is the city with the percentage of domestic tourists to visit the most.

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5. Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Rating: Location No. 7

Expected to have about 13 million tourists visit this city in 2015, up 11.4% compared with 2014. This growth has proven its prime location is in the crossroads of Europe and Asia, while this is a major aviation hub in the world.

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6. New York, USA

2014 Rating: Location No. 7

New York is still a very popular venue with international tourists, according to MasterCard city will welcome around 12 million visitors in 2015.

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7. Singapore

2014 Rating: Location No. 4

Although the number of visitors to Lion Island is expected to increase slightly in 2015, but Singapore has slipped three positions compared to 2014. Because English is one of the four official languages ​​of the island, because Thus the number of passengers traveling to Western Singapore are likely to increase. In addition, Singapore is a major Asian hub, from where visitors can easily move to visit other countries in the region.

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8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014 Rating: Location No. 8

Kuala Lumpur tourism, although slow but steady growth in the last few years. Most tourists from Malaysia to countries such as Australia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. However, recently the number of visitors from North America to Kuala Lumpur tends to increase slightly and this is the amount of potential new visitors from Malaysia.

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9. Seoul, South Korea

2014 Rating: Location No. 9

The number of visitors to South Korea is increasing, expected around with 10.35 million visitors to the capital of South Korea in 2015, up 5.2% compared with 2014. Although ranked No. 9, but the spending of visitors to Seoul quite high around 15.24 billion / year just after London, New York and Paris.

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10. Hong Kong

2014 Rating: Location No. 10

One of the reasons why Hong Kong attracts many tourists due to easing visa policy of the region. Typically, tourists from the US, Canada and the UK can travel to Hong Kong without a visa. This makes Hong Kong an ideal destination in Asia for Western tourists.

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