100 most attractive tourist destination in the world – Part I

According to skycanner-one of the travel website for leading his readers a very long list, listing 100 typical destinations that their staff priority selection for the trip.

1. Kayaking in Croatia: With travelers, the sea kayak is a very wonderful activities at sea. Just bring back the feeling of conquering nature discovery just taste conquer yourself, make sure the kayaking in Croatia in particular and the other great waters of the world will make people love the sea and sea sports lovers have a trip like that.

2. Breckenridge, Colorado, USA: those who love walking, hiking, biking, the course will be the place to conquer the first sight. Famous trails are extremely beautiful in the summer as the Peaks, with fresh floral blooms, the pleasant weather, the journey of discovery here is the sweetest dream for those who love the sport of terrain or mountain climbing.

100 most attractive tourist destination in the world - Part I

3. Vancouver, Canada: if you are a picky and looking for a place to have the balance, Vancouver is the most suitable option. Here visitors can explore the fit conquers Grouse Mountain offers beautiful scenery of mighty nature to vy kayaking in English Bay to satisfy your love of the sea.

4. Cape Town, Soutn Africa: extreme tourism cities of South Africa. This is the choice of enthusiasts to explore and conquer because Cape Town is considered one of the most attractive tourist destination in South Africa for several years. With the generosity of nature, the sea, plenty of and a lot of new things for travel, for sure you will find here the most amazing journey for its 2014 holiday.

5. Orlando-Miami-Key West Atlanta: here is the journey quite popular with many Western tourists just off sea wonderful views along the journey. If not for his love of adventure with her rest, then this is the choice should be the priority.

6. Krakow, Poland: second largest city of Poland has a lot of beautiful scenery and many special buildings along with many calendar service is quite good. This destination is appropriate for those who travel for groups or families, will quite attractive and cozy.

6. Milan-Florence, Italy: two of the most wonderful cities of Italy, for people who love old architecture, loves fashion and enjoys shopping.

7. Peru & Bolivia: two destinations for those who love exploring new destinations, experience the difference in culture and history as well as unique local cuisine.

8. Sri Lanka: If not visit Peru and Bolivia, Sri Lanka would be excellent alternatives for those who love to discover new things, challenging and unique local culture.

9. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA: small town but big suction power with those who love the nature. But it’s great for the winter because of the ideal ski area, but other times you can also experience the great trip because the service here is pretty good and be careful investing.

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