18 magnificent photographs of Hong Kong

Step by photographer Roughguides be elected as one of the most photogenic destinations world, beautiful land in Port Thom every frame, from the horizon, to the streets and suburbs.

18 magnificent photos of Hong Kong.

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Sunset suburb where evoke looks peaceful. Photo: Cozyta / Picfair.

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Fresh fruit stalls at a street corner in Hong Kong. Photo: Davidhuiphoto / Picfair.

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Hong Kong lights as evening twilight. Photo: Cozyta / Picfair.

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The lives of those who work hard. Photo: Yuen, Wah Shing / Picfair.

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Tour boat around Victoria Harbour. Photo: Cozyta / Picfair.

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Hong Kong, a vibrant economy with infrastructure systems development. Photos taken at the Tsing Ma Bridge shimmering lights. Photo: Cozyta / Picfair.

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Gondola at Ocean Park, offering fun for the family, with the journey to explore tropical forests, polar explorer.Photo: Davidhuiphoto / Picfair.

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Goldfish Market in Tung Choi street that sells North goldfish. Guests choose their favorite fish varieties. Photo: Davidhuiphoto / Picfair.

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A magnificent Hong Kong at night as seen from Mount Victoria, the most ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Photo: Chris Petersen-Clausen / Picfair.

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Tian Tan Buddha at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. This is the center of Buddhism and is a tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Photo: Ian Sheppard / Picfair.

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The apartment complex in close proximity. Photo: Leung Cho Pan / Picfair.

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Crowded city than in a rainy afternoon. Photo: Paul Hogwood Photography / Picfair.

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A corner of the bustling city at night. Photo: Chris Petersen-Clausen / Picfair.

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Hong Kong photo titled blue print – sumptuous and magnificent. Photo: Chris Petersen-Clausen / Picfair.

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Sunrise over Victoria Harbor. Photo: Davidhuiphoto / Picfair.

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Hong Kong unreal life – a different perspective on life in Hong Kong. Photo: Alexandre Besse / Picfair.

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Man Mo Temple, sacred. Photo: Andy / Picfair.

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The contrast between active and quiet. Between the buildings is a green space. Photo: James B / Picfair.
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