22 things make you different in Paris.

In trying to imitate it is, the following features still make visitors become different from the natives in the French capitals.

1. Guests enjoy the artists playing the accordion on the subway and say it is the essence of Europe, while indigenous people sigh and turn to other prescription.

2. Tourists queue to buy bread macaron in La durée effect, and the indigenous people in line at one of the newly opened Burger King.

20151207153910-22--1 Bettertraveltips.comLa durée is famous macaron bakery in Paris is many travelers love. Photo: Thefishyear.

3. Tourists in Paris sneakers and backpack as if they were in a tropical forest, like indigenous people still wear black gram, striding on the heels or spike shoes.

4. Guests pour into St. Michel lunch and dinner, also indigenous to buy frozen Picard.

5. Guests eat fries with ketchup. Locals eat with mayonnaise.

6. Can you guess who often wear a beret, striped shirt and wrapped the scarf funny? These are travelers to Paris.

7. Guests say they may one day excursions to Nice, while Parisians know that they should leave for 4-5 days to discover Nice.

8. Guests usually gather on the banks of the Seine, and the natives encounter in Canal St.Martin.

9. Guests may wish to use bicycle system Velib ‘to ride around the city like a local, but often they can not, because the machines here do not accept card swipes.

10. Guests to dinner at 18h, this time the natives are still working.

11. Guests wear long dresses and vest to take pictures before the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Many indigenous people are not even married, or marriage contract. If married, they often do in Paris.

Paris , cultural Paris , Tour ParisMany travelers choose the Eiffel Tower as the place to photograph romantic wedding. Photo: PSU.

12. Guests love to buy key lock on Pont des Arts bridge. Indigenous peoples know that it threatens the safety of the bridge and the city often have to cut key move.

13. Tourists are often huddled in the crowd and stopped right in the middle aisle, or subway entrance. Indigenous people often neglect wiped them out with black leather bag large size.

14. Guests wore T-shirts with the inscription “I Love Paris”, while the Paris wearing stickers that read “I do not ask anything, I’m the Paris”.

20151207153910-22--3 Bettertraveltips.comGuests often to Pont des Arts bridge to hang lock love. Photo: NPR.

15. Tourists buy containers in plastic bags or paper bags, cloth bags while the Paris Monoprix.

16. Guests love to Disneyland Paris, and Parc Asterix like natives.

17. Guests will laugh at you if you say you are going to the Statue of Liberty in Paris, and the natives know that in Paris there is a mini version of the Statue of Liberty

18. Guests love to wander around St. St. Germain de Pres and Île Louis, while the Paris Buttes Chaumont interested in sunbathing.

19. Guests enjoy drinking wine in Paris. The Paris also likes wine, but they like the Mojito and beer.

20. Guests often sit in the beautiful restaurant, and the Paris like sitting crowded around the tables at an outdoor cafe even in cold winter.

21. Tourists want to eat French food in the restaurant, and the Paris are fascinated sushi.

22. Tourists are often to Paris in August, while the natives often out of town this time.

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