48 hours exploring Doha

The last month and the first year is the ideal opportunity to Doha – the capital of Qatar – by this time the temperature was between 20 and 30 degrees, instead of up to 45 degrees as midsummer.

Besides Dubai (The Most Arab Emirate), Doha (Qatar) as well as a stopover “hot” in West Asia. Here, you can easily travel by bus with only USD 1-2 for a leg. This is a very pleasing price when traveling in a country with the world’s most wealthy as Qatar.

Suggested Itineraries in 48 hours here, especially if your ideal transit to fly to another country in the next leg.

First day

Walking around the city on an open bus

discover Doha , Qatar , Souq Waqif , Doha, travel DohaCar hop on hop off in Doha very beautiful.

Hop on hop off vehicles garish yellow is the ideal medium for tourists around the city. Vehicles running almost around the neighborhood at Doha and with frequency of 30 minutes / trip.Interspersed trip, you can enjoy the typical dishes of Doha at lunch. Souq Waqif Do not miss the parks or road Musherib, Al Kharis … Because this is the central focus gourmet restaurants in Doha. You can select Thai cuisine or Turkey. Overall, the dishes are quite spicy here and concentrations. If you want a piece carried away, chicken shawarma will be the most reasonable choice. This is a type of chicken burgers, tomato, vegetables, aromatic sauce. The shawarma dish is quite popular in Doha, so you can enjoy frequently.

Souq Waqif shopping at

Souq Waqif is considered the best shopping area in Doha, with gold trading market like many other Middle Eastern countries. All kinds of rare and precious jewelery made from gold, the necklace from the most expensive to the affordable price, are found in this market area. Also here you can buy spices and textiles. One afternoon is probably not enough for you to go out, explore every corner of Souq Waqif, but perhaps just enough to choose a few favorite items.

20151123091113-doha-2 Bettertraveltips.comSouq Waqif is considered to point to in Doha.

Dinner and night air feel in Doha

Souq Waqif is an affordable area for dinner. Only 15 USD or more that you can get a decent dinner. You should just enjoy dinner while watching life on the night drifting in Doha. Tourists may use alcohol when to Doha, but only at the international hotel. So it’s best to forget alcoholic beverages when dining in this city.

If you prefer more luxurious places, maybe La Spiga restaurant or Glo Cocktail is the appropriate choice. Especially here there are restaurants of world famous chef Gordon Ramsey.


Visiting temples and museums

The temple is an important part of Middle Eastern culture. At Doha, do not miss the opportunity to visit the temple has become the pride of this city. Abdul Wahhab is one such temple. You will be at no cost to visit. Abdul Wahhab was the largest temple Qatar with 90 domes, 13 entrance and can accommodate up to 30,000 people, the equivalent of a football field. This temple has a lifetime of only … 2 years so everything is still very new. You will feel the modern touch to the traditional mix Abdul Wahhab.

20151123091122-doha-3 Bettertraveltips.comAbdul Wahhab was the place not to be missed.

Abdul Wahhab Besides the Islamic art museum Islamic Art is also an interesting destination. It exhibited numerous antiques, rare toxic ceramics, silk, furniture, jewels, crystal from Syria, Iran or Turkey. These are items dating from several hundred to more than 1,000 years since they were collected and the hands of collectors from the 7th century to take 19. The architecture outside Islamic Art is also unique with a cube including squares stacked very strange.

Visit The Pearl Island

True to the meaning of it, called The Pearl island like a pearl shimmer. This is where a collection of luxury resorts, from the elite, the politicians, the chairman or the star of Qatar.With an area of 4 million m 2, The Pearl collection full of hotels and restaurants or luxury shopping mall in the world.

Walking at Sheraton or Rumeilah

After a tiring day of travel, you can relax at the Sheraton or Rumeilah, two popular parks in Doha. And do not forget to visit Msheireb Enrichment Centre, which showcases artifacts tied to history, Doha and Qatar make up today, and the future projects of Doha and Qatar. It is considered extraordinary projects. Children under 7 years old are not in this region.

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