48 hours exploring the island of Penang Malaysia

In just 2 days, visitors can schedule tours of ancient houses, temples, street art and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

Penang is popular tourist island most of Asia, lies west Malaysia. Not only the beautiful landscape, the island is also hidden within itself the cultural character of the local tradition.Without much time starts, you can still explore the island in just 2 days, follow the suggestions below:


Day 1


Visiting the old house

A former residence of the noble family who lived on the island of Penang Chinese ago centuries, now quite old house was reconstructed and opened to visitors as a true tourist destination.

Guests will have the opportunity to witness the traditional way of life exudes from the items in the dining room, living room, bedroom … and hear many interesting stories around the identity of the owner of the villa This.

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Furniture in the house is preserved almost undisturbed. Photo: Nguyen Chi

The famous old house in Penang Peranakan Mansion Blue Mansion and, with admission prices of approximately 15 RM (about 86,000 VND), accompanied by tour guides fluent in English or Chinese.

Lok Si Temple Keh

Is the largest temple in Penang, Lok Si temple Keh is also works most major Buddhist Southeast Asia, play an important role in religious life of the Chinese community in Malaysia.

The temple is located on a mountain, overlooking the ocean, including many as 10,000 items monumental statue carved statue, 30 meters higher than the high-rise towers 7 horns. The scenery is very charming temple, interspersed between areas with colorful gardens all year round.

Guests can catch a taxi or bus to the foot Rapid Penang temple, then buy train tickets to the main hall wooden top.


Penang Hill

Lok Si temple Keh way about 3 km from the Penang Hill – tourist destination attraction’s most popular island. With more than 800 m altitude compared to sea level, from the observatory on top of the hill, you can enjoy panoramic Penang, especially at sunrise or sunset, city lights up.

To reach here, you will have to line up to buy train tickets. It always takes some time to line up by a large number of tourists flock to in the summer, especially on weekends.

Penang Hill climate year-round in cool, fresh, temperature around 21 degrees C. Room rates are very affordable, about VND600,000 per night. Noteworthy items here include observatories, garden creatures, old train station, The Guard House, key players love …

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Bridges buckle love Penang hill.


Street cuisine

Penang is considered the city with the most attractive cuisines of Asia. The restaurant bar is always lit until midnight with scents can not attractive. Depending on the hotel, you can choose the food market as Lorong Baru Georgetown, near Gurney Drive bazaars, street Presgrave, Long Beach Food Court.

Day 2

Morning and afternoon exploring George Town

Located northeast of the island of Penang, the old city with many cultural stories, interwoven beliefs are seen as the heart of the island, with many works of art, religion and history. George Town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. You should spend half a day to move and explore this ancient town, in a few suggestions:

Fort Cornwallis and clock tower

Fort Cornwallis belongs to the largest and oldest in Malaysia, sexism colonies. Because never been heavy attack should work appearance intact, original shape from the office of the ancient British civil servants, prison inmates, stands, squares, cannon …

Guests easily reached by bus. Just outside the fort is the square clock tower and the city, where the most active communities on the island.

Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple

Originally built in the early 19th century by a community of Myanmar, the Buddhist temple is the oldest in Penang. Temple roof and giant statues of Buddha covered in gold splendor, attracting pilgrims on holidays.

Kapitan Keling Mosque

This work was started at the same time Dhammikarama Burmese temple. Large campus, gaudy architecture, magnificent church that is regarded as the most outstanding Islamic works in Penang. Visitors are asked to dress elegantly, women have to cover the hair and robes are free outside.

Street Art

For young travelers, especially those who love photography, this is probably the most awaited destination. Around the early 2000s, the city government invited artists to paint murals to create art.

Will not difficult encounter travelers holding maps or phone trace the mural is checked. In the famous picture, you’ll have to queue so long for their turn to take photos. The most appropriate time to take photos is about 16-17h.

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The murals in Street Art has always been the young love.


Batu Ferringhi bathing

Beautiful sea in Penang not like other tourist islands, but there are beaches of Batu Ferringhi countries like northern islands. Bathing, eating seafood and watching the sunset is a memorable experience in travel. Summer, after New 20h if not totally dark so arrive early, you can still admire the sunset.


Shopping in Gurney Plaza – Gurney Paragon

As the busiest areas on the island, Gurney Drive concentrate some commercial centers. Still can not spectacular like in Kuala Lumpur but you can still find some marks Vietnam who favored as H & M, Zara, Mango, Uniqlo, Chanel … with cheaper rates than others due to tax goods and services (GST) of this water is only 6%.

Even in Gurney Paragon, you can dine at the luxurious restaurant, politeness with food coming from Europe, Central America and India. The new business center closure 22h eateries, cafes often later.

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