48 hours to experience Bangkok

To visit the capital of Thailand, you not only have the opportunity to learn the culture, religious life is rich, but also hold jewellery shops and enjoy the local cuisine.

Bangkok tourist attractions thanks to the warm sunny weather all year round, the palaces, temples and pagodas are beautiful architecture with the most abundant cuisine Asia. In addition, there are also numerous open markets regardless of day and night to serve tourists and the local population.

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Bangkok, a vibrant city of Thailand and Asia. Picture: AP.


According to the Telegraph’s suggestion, if you have the money bags rủng rỉnh, put the room in the luxury hotel as the Sukhothai Bangkok, the price of a double room from 7,640 baht (nearly 5 million us dollars). For visitors spending by medium, should visit The Siam@Siam Design with double rooms from 4,270 baht (about 2.7 million).

The case want to save, you can select the Luxx XL, is located near the wide room, Lang Suan fair and simple decoration. Rates double rooms from 1,950 baht (about 1.2 million).


The itinerary for you flight to Bangkok at noon. After dining, leisure and hotel check-in, you can refer to the schedule below.

Day 1

16 h: One of the places in Bangkok seems to be picturesque along the banks of the Chao Phraya. You pick the company’s boat Chao Phraya Express Boat, it takes about 60 seconds for Tha Thien. Then, you visit Wat Pho-one of the most famous temples of Bangkok. The highlight is a large reclining Buddha statues and traditional massage techniques virtuosity here.

18 h: You can make a pedestrian tour, explore the road leading to the market and around the temple before about restaurant Aroon Residence for dinner. The price of a packed 500-750 baht (325,000-480,000 us dollars). Right next to it is the Temple of Wat Aroon-the perfect sunset location.

48 hours, experiencing Bangkok, Thailand travel, Chao Phray, Bangkok travel
The Temple of Wat Aroon sparkling by night. Photo: AP.

19 h 30: You go towards the River, to the East Coast, the Memorial Bridge is a bustling markets open up to 12.00 (except Wednesdays). Here, visitors can purchase clothing, accessories and cross street cuisine. Flower market located in the Chak Phet away also became night bustle.

Day 2

10 h: The visitors started the day by visiting the Wat Pra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is located inside the Royal Palace of Thailand. The temple is open from 8.30 am to 3:30 pm, price tickets is 500 baht (about 324,000 dollars) per person.

Inside works are the mural depicting the passage of the Ramakien, the Ramayana, one of the natural history of Hinduism. The Palace was designed by the English architect, but he brings the beauty of Thai architecture merges and Italy.

12 h: In the Royal Palace of Thailand, visitors have been to the Dusit Palace. Opening hours 9: 30-15 h daily. It has the Castle Vimarnmaek the work done by the world’s largest teak.

13 h: Want to enjoy a traditional lunch of Thai people, you catch a taxi to the restaurant Harmonique along Krung. The Thai specialities, served in a wooden house on the river. The meal cost about 500-750 baht (325,000-480,000 us dollars).

Another option for you is Chinatown (Chinatown) with countless restaurants serving delicious food. You can find both exotic dishes like crocodile nest nest soup or baked.

14 h 30: Visitors walking to the center of Chinatown, along Yaowarat, find the small entrance to Trok Itsaranuphap. Here, you are dropping your food shopping both raw and cooked Chinese-style. Next, you go to the Wat Buddha (statue)-the temple has the world’s largest Golden Buddha, is open from 9 h to 17 h, excursion fare per person is 40 baht (nearly 26,000 us dollars).

17 h: From Wat Buddha (statue), just a minute walk to the train station, Hua Lamphong. You catch a ride in the system the MRT Sukhumvit station is next, then change train to Bangkok (BTS) to Sala Daeng. Finally the pedestrian 15 minutes, you will arrive at Hindu temple named Mahariamman and visit this place.

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Panorama outside the Mahariamman Temple. Photo: AP.

18 h: Visitors dine at The Blue Elephant on South Sathorn Road.

20 h: You can come to Patpong and enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok with the tone of many pop, rock band level. This town is also famous for the night market, sold clothes, cheap souvenirs and lots of sample code the meter. You like partying can continue to look to the bar, pub, night club with a lot of seats placed outside the city.

Day 3

10 h: Visit Jim Thompson House, visitors are enjoying the beautiful gardens, a variety of fancy interior decorations. This wooden building owner is a wartime spy, then move on to the textile industry. Open House is 9 h-17 h, adult ticket is 100 baht (65,000 dollars), children of 50 baht (32,000 us dollars).

12 h: You return to the hotel check-out procedures and prepare your luggage back.


With its location near the River, you should choose the company’s boat Chao Phraya Express Boat. How to move to another is to use the two tramway system BTS and MRT.

Visit the Buddhist temples, you should dress discreetly, take off your shoes outside the door.

In addition to clothing, jewelry, accessories, you can choose the traditional triangular pillow of Thailand sold in most markets as souvenirs.

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