5 islands in Singapore you should come this weekend

Singapore is known as the “Lion Island”, let’s look at the following beautiful island then, then you will not be able to ignore it.

Pulau Ubin

singapore-1 Bettertraveltips.comAncient beauty that visitors Pulau Ubin as seen pictures of Singapore in the 60s.Since 1960, Pulau Ubin was a resting place for the people of Singapore and still is home to many villages of the country are left. Many people here still depends on traditional agriculture and fishing for survival, here are just a few highlights when you look through that bike around the trails at Ubin.
Do not forget to visit the old quarry for granite undulating hills with views of the lake straight gorgeous turquoise. One attraction not to be missed Chek Jawa Wetlands other, the best ecological system of Singapore was built in 2007. Do not forget to walk or cycle through the area shopping and dining, where you can Enjoy the delicious cuisine of this region.
How the island: Take the ferry from Changi (now people Changi Point Ferry Terminal called), near the village center Hawker Changi ferry fare is S $ 3 per person.Coney Island

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Coney Island with beautiful scenery.

Newly opened this year, the park Coney Island located in the northeast coast of Singapore consists of 50 hectares is built on the principle of protection of the environment and sustainable development. Step in here, you’ll feel the biodiversity of Singapore with the presence of some rare birds like birds raised and shot. Besides, it also has a beach with 5 entrances.
The park was designed according to criteria of environmental protection possible. Toilets do not use energy and pump installations using solar, water is used as rainwater and take sunlight to illuminate the entire area.
How to Coney Island: Come Punggol Promenade West Nature Walk to the door of Coney Island.

Lazarus’ Island

Clear blue waters of Lazarus is one of the greatest secrets of Singapore.

Beach lovers will surely delighted by the beauty of the blue water and beautiful beaches of Lazarus. The best way to get here is from the island of St John bowel movement (meaning you have to take a ferry from island to island Kusu St John before, a little bit time consuming).
Lazarus is also a favorite place of believers Yacht boat, if you come here by boat Yacht, you can enjoy the clear blue waters or sitting on the boat stopped for a moment to jump into the shower.
How to Lazarus: Go cruise from Marina South Pier Singapore, roundtrip ferry tickets to St John Island Kusu Island then, the cost to return to the mainland is S $ 18 (adult) and S $ 12 (kids ).

St John Island

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You can walk from the island of St John to Lazarus from this bridge.

Each with the name of Pulau Sakijang Bendera, the island of St John is situated right next to the island Sisters and historical significance enormous for Singapore. This is where Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot in 1819.
After Singapore became a British colony, the island served as a quarantine station for immigrants and and act so until the year 1930. Even here there is a recovery center function for drug addicts.
Today, the island that visitors feel more comfortable. It has many bungalows allow guests to stay overnight sublease or to enjoy the full beauty of the long sandy beaches seemed endless. This last is very famous place for fishing and recreational activities.
The way to the island of St John: Cruise from Marina South Pier Singapore, roundtrip ferry tickets to St John Island Kusu Island then, the cost to return to the mainland is S $ 18 (adult) and S $ 12 ( children).

Sisters Island

Well enjoy life on the beach at Sisters Island.

Sisters Island is home of the Aquarium’s first 40-hectare Singapore, this coral island’s surrounding and adjacent to the island Pulau Tekukor St John, situated around the island and to St John of Pulau Tekukor. For those who love marine biology (or for those who love the sea), this would be a great place to explore all kinds of sea creatures, corals typically.
This area was created to protect the coral reefs of Singapore and help protect the animals like seahorses, mussels, sponges and many other sea creatures. Up to 250 species of hard coral in total 500 species can be found in the waters of Singapore.
Note: Buoy floating at Sisters Island will be closed from December 16, 2015 to the end of March 2016. During this period, visitors can go to Marine Park on the island of St John’s Public Gallery instead. It will be reopened in April 2016.

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