5 of the most luxury travel female friendly

As a man went in the world, I can only base my opinions about the luxurious destination on my observations-which admittedly is very different, that a woman’s point of view.

So I asked some female friends go well: “what are some of the most chic women?” Excellent shopping and the availability and variety of Spa was the subject of repeated them, and the important elements of respect and safety is high on the list of decision features. Here are 5 featured destinations (and a few cities in the contradiction in a friendly versus festering):

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1. Bali, Indonesia (by Jessica)

Jessica, originally from Indonesia, now living in Australia, spoke many languages, and find it comforting to see that many of the locals speak English, Japanese and other languages in Bali. She mentioned that it felt like a luxury Princess when partaking in mesmerizing Dance Kecak, Barong dance, and dancing lessons at Balinise.

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There are temples galore, and she suggested that women should take the time to slow down and find a peaceful garden or temple for meditation and relaxation. Here’s the special touches that make Bali one of the friendly destination for women:

The luxurious resort atmosphere with Asian utilities worldwide most Western people hope, and travelers worldwide will enjoy.
You can find the Spa, beauty salon, massage and nice nail art salons everywhere.
For women, adventure, find many activities to choose from: rafting; Diving; Mountain climbing; or Yoga on the beach.
Shopping, shopping, shopping
2. Lisbon, Portugal (by Lauri)

Lisbon is a coastal city along the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and just a short drive to the beach. Lauri find food and Fine wines are fresh and interesting (especially for those who love seafood). ‘ Don’t forget to try the famous Pastéis de Belém in the meantime ‘, she said.

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This is his reason for choosing Lisbon to on this list:

The locals are friendly with oh-Soo.
Stumble upon many gorgeous, fairytale-esque sites, including Cabo da Roca (the Western-most point in Europe) and have a lot of castles!
Like royalty-visited Sao Jorge Castle, Belem Tower and Palace spectacular in nearby Sintra Pena. Even as a coach Museum in the city where you will find all the luxurious method of transportation for the Portuguese royal family over the years.
3. Austin, Texas (by Lauren)

With eight hotels and resorts in level 5 stars, Lauren, VP for a wholesale travel companies have chosen Austin, Texas-the destination of the bundle. Mingle with the heirs of the cattle barons along with the flourishing of the musicians and the cultural trend-setters.

Austin Bettertraveltips.com
Lauren found a healthy combination of characters in the city. Just the right amount of ‘ cowboy ‘ hippy guys to chat with, and people from the film and the music swells. And found many places for girls night on the town that allows women to feel comfortable to let his hair down on the dance floor.Austin’s place on the list is because:

Countless dining options! -Find local favorites along the surface of the water; The creative dishes of the Tex-Mex; Cross-type tidbits of French-Vietnamese; Elegant four course meal; and much more!(she recommends: http://lenoirrestaurant.com/)
It is easy to get around-bicycle rental stations around the city, the Department, orders a car or car hire, Uber
Equally comfortable dressing up, or ignore something casual. Overall, Austin is pretty causal, but while dressed up in bachelorette cakes, you’ll get the right amount of attention, without harassment.
4. Amsterdam (Dawn’s)

If you can handle the very liberal lifestyle, then you will be rewarded with a wide range of luxurious hotel, Hotel Pulitzer, hotel Andaz Amsterdam Hotel, Hotel Hilton Amsterdam, and more, as well as the delicious food and unique experience found no other tourist destinations.

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For activities, Dawn said with try & bike tour Dyke in a triuly city is designed for cycling, or take an evening dinner cruise the beautiful setting of the channel. Explore the beautiful site for beautiful women. Make best of selfies windmills, tulips, field House, and a ballet of bike crossing each bridge!Here’s what makes Amsterdam a women-friendly destinations:

If your shoes, Amsterdam offers a wide range of retailers of shoes for her, such as Shoebaloo, United Nude and much more.
The night is young, and so are you, so if you go there in the summer, people will go from 10 am onwards, and you will never feel bored, alone or vulnerable at night.
Most importantly, the people in Amsterdam is friendly.
5. Milan (by Sabrina)

Fashion is what first comes to mind for many women when thinking of Milan, however, you’ll find featured culture in the city. Duomo di Milano is a must see, and Sabrina steep stairs used recommended to the top roof of the Church for the unique perspectives of more than 3000 statue.Find the points of belief put Milan into a list:

Milan Bettertraveltips.com
Not only has world class shopping opportunity, but the stores themselves are great (see Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II-one of the oldest shopping malls and most beautiful in the world).

Don’t miss the web stunning architecture: Duomo Di Milano; Teatro alla Scala; Sforza Castle.
There are, of course, there is the great fashion program.
There are lots of hip and chic restaurants like the Clandestino Milano restaurant-Sushi, or the most awards restaurant-Cracco in Milan, and much more.
Visit the Club spa and relax while sipping champagne, meditating in, sooth your feet in a hot tub while chatting with local people.
I also received some conflicting opinions when the topic of women-friendly destinations were discussed. Cities in Japan does not make the list because, even though Tokyo is often ranked as the safest city in the world, with no passenger cars only have women in the subway was originally created to keep safe from the men ogling and positive for female students. Now, with Westerners, it gives the impression of a feminist movement goes flat.

Dubai is a destination not stereotypically pick of Western women as the women particularly friendly;However, Dubai has an exception. It’s safe, modern (foreigners account for more than 88%), and loaded with the buildings clean, modern and attractive. However, there are lingering oppression as recorded by a conventioneer coming last year. A restriction stated in major tourism tradeshow is unmarried women under 30 years of age are not allowed on the floor (unless from England or America).

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