5 new tourist destinations for honeymoon sweet

Instead of Hawaii or Paris, places you probably never thought of as Borneo, Mozambique and Lake Iseo (Italy) … as well as new destinations and attractions for newly married couples to stay moon cool.

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Borneo (Malaysia)

Natural paradise island in South East Asia, Malaysia distant islands, Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world and is home to one of the tropical rain forests oldest dating world. Previously, Borneo still unspoiled, undeveloped and very difficult to travel, but in recent years, it has to build the luxury hotel and open a modern transport system makes sightseeing the island becomes a lot easier. Also on the island there Gaya Island Resort area with many villas on the romantic country, is a perfect suggestion for couples in honeymoon. Photo: Blogspot.

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Before the 1970s, Bhutan closed to the outside world, but now this is one of the ideal destination for newlyweds love adventure but still want to enjoy the feeling of peace together . Here, the atmosphere of happiness that can be found anywhere in visiting Buddhist monasteries and colorful quiet on Himalayan peaks. To Bhutan, visitors can join an excursion hiking, biking, and glacier travel. Although there are very few high-end hotels, but if you want the most luxurious facilities, the Aman resort area beautiful, quiet and cozy is the number one choice for travelers. Photo:Wandertours.

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Andaman Islands (India)

Located between India and Myanmar, Andaman archipelago is one of isolation and have the most beautiful scenery in the world. Currently there is still very little transport for tourists, so if you want to be stretching on the beach completely deserted belongs only to two people then come to this beautiful island. It has beaches and clear blue water diving many surrounding desert island. The couple can also relax in Jalakara – new luxury hotel opened deep in the jungle on Havelock Island. Photo: Lonelyplanet.

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Mozambique is another great place for honeymoon couples wanting to travel by both land and sea. Come to the country located in southeastern Africa, visitors will find pristine beaches with white sand stretching endlessly, are engaged in exciting activities like diving or hunting and playing together wild animals. In addition, camping in the Kruger National Park is also a good idea for travelers. Photo:Andbeyond.

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Lake Iseo (Italy)

Lake Iseo is known as one of the beautiful tourist destinations and most charming Italy. Located at the foot of the mountains of Lombardy, where it owns great natural beauty and is the ideal place for couples on their honeymoon. Besides the wooden boats classic Italian style, Iseo lake area has many restaurants recognized countless stars Michellin serving dishes and excellent drinks, sure to please even the The most discerning guest. Photo: 500px.

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