5 reasons choose yacht summer tour

Enjoy the convenience of luxury yachts on preferential prices, excursions blue ocean in the way … are new suggestions to make your vacation with family.

Summer is the time each family can work together to go to the recreation facilities, resort. There are plenty of places to enjoy a refreshing summer days for each home. Along with a large selection of cool blue ocean back, you can inspire yourself and emotional explosion when immersed in a yacht tour Royal Caribbean 5 star class.


Travel tickets to the royal family

Step foot on the yacht Royal Caribbean means that you are given entry ticket to join the royal family on the sea. People will become gentlemen, is served by a dedicated and professionally trained staff from the Marine Corps from the US. Each place arriving, dishes or enjoy the comfort brought … will be pleasant experience for your summer.

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Freedom and enjoy

Do not stop at the sea transportation as many Vietnamese people still mistakenly, 5-star yacht also an “entertainment city on the ocean”. The utility lavish cruise is included in the tour price waiting for you to freely explore. Also convenient is the luxury hotel during the trip, the rich culinary world Eurasia from buffet to a la carte, the yacht will have the play area and attractive festival for you.

Also, on this yacht also has a musical performance show extravaganza staged in the theater, costume parade stretched along Imperial Avenue.Casino twinkling lights enchanting, lush golf courses on the ocean, duty-free shopping world with the famous brand and service hundreds of other entertainment.

Experience the ocean in your way

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Attractive blue sea always strange to people. Whenever tired, looking to place peace, people are returning to the sea, take a deep breath for the sea breeze blow in the heart. However, you will falter and hesitate to resort crowded beaches of sweltering summer days.

Sailing through the water on a boat tour of 5 stars Royal Caribbean will take you on a cool ocean and immense. Sea who know how comfortable you feel great, to dissolve all worries and hustle of everyday life. The feeling when you wake up in the room facing the sea, watching the seagulls perturbed his uncle under the summer sun, sunlight on the dark waves up new sea space fragrant smell passionate moments … will be made you can hardly forget.

Discover exciting recreational paradise

And of course, the yacht will bring you to the beautiful country around the world. From Asia to the beaches like Phuket Thailand paradise, romantic island of Jeju in South Korea, Tokyo bustling busy; until European lands with France splendid romantic, picturesque Italy and Spain taciturn old. It is remarkable that, when moved by sea and landed in the countries in the world, Royal Caribbean Cruise also help you to places that are not always air tour easily organized. The world is also vast and extensive how much.And there was even more special and unique than that you have not had the opportunity or will never have a chance to look at, if not give yourself the opportunity to experience forms yacht.

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Summer tour price reduction

Under muggy weather of summer, each home will travel plans, so the tour can be increased. One Travel International will discount tours by yacht class, for you and your family can experience an exciting summer and memorable.

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