5 shopping mall in Singapore to who prefer shopping

Orchard Road, Bugis area or street fashion Haji Lane, … the neighborhood will make shopping shopping devotees unaware bored all day tour of Singapore .

Orchard Road

For believers middle and high fashion, Orchard Road is a not to be missed when visiting Singapore. Encapsulated in an area of ​​over 1.3 miles of 22 commercial centers with more than 5,000 well-known fashion brands worldwide. However, each business center to be “monopolized” by a few certain brands, so you need orientation before to avoid laborious move.

Despite a reputation as the path of the famous brands, but this is also the area with the most attractive discounts in the sales season. So this will be a great opportunity for you to own the fashion merchandise or premium appliances at very good price.

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Bugis area

If Orchard is an area for luxury items, the Bugis are “turf” of street stalls. Except modern shopping mall Bugis Junction, the majority of Bugis area is filled with street carts and small shops of traders. With more than 800 stalls sold a variety of goods from jewelry, clothes “free size”, cosmetics to electronic products or services such as massage plus or beauty. So that did not surprise a lot of people recommend Accommodation in the area near the surface for easy “consolidation” of the sales season.

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Haji Lane Fashion Way

If you are a follower of fashion and love the new “no touch” the Haji Lane is the place for you.Haji Lane is a beautiful pedestrian street located in Singapore’s Arab Street, Bugis MRT station is only a 10-15 minute walk. This is the shopping destination for fashion items, toys creative handmade famous Lion Island, is not only young people but also a favorite place was pretty crowded attract foreign tourists.

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Tiong Bahru

Quarter began to emerge from 2011 when 40 espresso cafe is open here, attracted young people and tourists. Gradually, many fashion shops, restaurants mushrooming had turned the place into a shopping paradise. Visitors can come here to enjoy beer, cocktails, coffee and buy everything from souvenirs to jewelry crafts, clothing, accessories, …

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Located just behind the skyscrapers of Singapore’s financial district Chinatown – the cultural center of the Chinese migrants. Here visitors can buy many unique items such as antiques, pieces of precious silk or other types of rare oriental medicine. You can also purchase these lovely handmade items as souvenirs as umbrellas, masks …

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More information

Singapore has 2 main off season called GSS (Great Singapore Sale), can be understood simply discharged last season. Discount period divided by two main seasons it is winter spring summer and fall.

In the second season of this sale, the majority of products will be reduced from 50-70%. Time for spring-summer price decrease falls between June to August, the biggest drop in July and May 8. As autumn-winter items often get discounts from December to February, the biggest drop in the Christmas period and January.

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