6 experiences mecca for the afternoon in Melaka

In Melaka, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the architectural and cultural characteristics of the country converged Portugal, Netherlands and ancient China.

Melaka, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 150 km south. Here are some suggestions to help you discover experiences Melaka in just a few hours.


Walking around the plaza Netherlands

Dutch Square impress visitors by the architectural characteristic pink color, is located along the river in Melaka peaceful. You can stroll the streets walked the red tiled plaza area to discover the works of such 17th-century Christian church, Melaka Clock Tower … In front of the church there is a fountain with columns High stone carvings English – monument to Queen Victoria and across the street is the windmill. You will feel like arriving in the country, “windmills” in the heart of old Melaka.

20150720080340--1 Bettertraveltips.com| Christian churches in Dutch Square Melaka.

Enjoy the ancient ruins Famosa fortress

Netherlands leave the square, you walk across the hill to the ruins of China shares Famosa fort by the Portuguese building from the 16th century works Although pretty much destroyed in the 19th century song So far, remaining ruins still attract tourists from all over the world to visit.Near the monument is a range of museums such as the Museum of Oceanography – simulated picture 30 meters long boat with a sense marked the first trade here, tech museum Umno …

Stroll the streets of Jonker Walk

Jonker Walk just a small area but is known as the “soul of Melaka” with few streets and heritage buildings from the 17th century Guests will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while walking along the street , visit the shops selling antiques, crafts and souvenirs. Do not forget to save some extra shots with a unique anniversary backdrop of hundred year old house.

Sitting cyclo toured the old town

Focus in the plaza area has dozens trishaw tricycle called Trishaw. Vehicles are decorated with bright flowers, the cartoon characters and colorful rope lights. If your favorite fairy tales, you can cruise round the neck on a decorated vehicle snow princess, cat Kitty, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. If you love flowers, you can choose a car full of flowers of all colors to go around the city streets in 30 minutes. Vibrant music emanating from the Trishaw must have made you interested.

mecca Melaka , ancient fortress Famosa , Jonker Walk , Kuala Lumpur , MalaysiaTrishaw trishaw tricycle Malaka street.

Visit the oldest Chinese temple

Cheng Hoon Teng is the oldest temple in China in Melaka, was built in the 1600s, is located in the city of Jonker Walk. When the land was colonized by Melaka Portugal and the Netherlands, the temple has served the religious needs of the community, just as the administrative center.Currently, the house is a shrine to religious pluralism as Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.Cheng Hoon Teng open to visitors from 7am to 19h. Opposite the temple, you will see a wooden house on stilts sepia ancient Malay.

Wandering the local market

One of the best ways to experience the local culture visit the bustling night markets in Melaka.Still known as the night market but markets in Melaka sold from afternoon. Guests can choose for many souvenirs with affordable prices. When tired possible transverse cross into the booth sold cheap snacks tasty tonic.

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