7 points the best nightlife when traveling Singapore

Visit Clarke Quay, soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the bar or enjoy culinary Zouk in Holland Village, … are selected or if you want to explore Singapore at night.

Clake Quay Wharf

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One of the nightly entertainment popular in Singapore that any traveler would love to visit it Clake Quay harbor. This area gathers a lot of bars, restaurants, fashion stores as well as some outdoor dining area with enough local food specialties delicious and attractive.

Marina Bay Sands

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Since opening in 2010, the Mariana Bay Sands has become a popular destination when traveling in Singapore. Huge structures will glow at night with lighting system modern and advanced. On it there are many bars, restaurants and a business center for guests that prefer shopping, entertainment.

Zouk Bar

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With tourist favorite Zouk dance music, the bar is the correct choice. The famous names such as David Guetta, Tiesto and The Chemical Brothers are all DJs in the bar. Guests will experience a fun day on the night it was interesting to mix the lively atmosphere and enjoy refreshing drinks, delicious cocktails.

Address: 17 Jiak Kim, Singapore 169 420

Orchard Road

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Orchard Road is a busy area during the day and is also a fun nightlife popular in Singapore.When the city lights up the whole area, all steeped in boisterous sound. The restaurant, bar with neon signs flashing gaze will attract many visitors.

Holland Village

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Dutch Village is a nightlife venues popular in Singapore for young people and foreign tourists.So there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs open for business here. You can enjoy the cuisine of many different cuisines around the world, from Asia, Europe and the Americas here.

Garden by the Bay

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Garden by the Bay is an attractions are many tourists visiting Singapore when traveling.Especially at night, the gardens will glow thanks to solar energy has been absorbed during the day. Also, the overhead walkway connecting the trunk will be a place to help visitors get panoramic views of the garden and enjoy the fresh air, cool.

1-Altitude Bar on building One Raffles Place

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Located on the top floor of Building One Raffles Place, 1-Altitude is the ideal fun place for those who like lively nightlife. In particular, this is one of the entertainment complex the world’s highest. You can sip cocktails while seeing the beauty of Singapore night at Gallery & Bar on the 63rd floor, or can also enjoy the finest cuisine in the European restaurant on the first floor called Stellar 62. Prices in door of a bar where around 100 Singapore dollars.

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