7 surprise when living in Singapore

Almost everyone knows English, safety, cultural diversity, the cost of living is expensive … the things that make the newcomers living in Singapore surprised.

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Everyone speaks English: Whether an Asian country, English is the common language in Singapore, making the lives of foreigners when they arrived here a lot easier. Most of them can speak this international language. Signs, road signs are in English. Photo: Eps.

ST_20150118_BAPARK_987989e_2x Bettertraveltips.comSafety at any time of the day: In Singapore, you can let children play outside after dark or order a taxi to school when the bus missed. This is partly thanks to the strict punishment for any crime. Especially as you very little that the presence of police. They only appear when the problem occurred. Singapore police often wear civilian clothes instead of sight recovery. Photo: Straitstimes.Singapore Tourism ,Singapore CuisineCultural Diversity: Yes Singapore small area but is home to many people of different cultures, making you have the opportunity to expand horizons. Government of Singapore strives to the community have their say. Photo: Business Insider.Singapore1 Bettertraveltips.comHot weather: The average temperature in Singapore is quite high, accompanied by rain and humidity. This causes hot weather, can make many people uncomfortable. Photo:Mamaknowsdubai.orchard_road_singapore Bettertraveltips.comHigh cost of living: This is one of the countries with the most expensive price in the world. The price of petrol, food, tuition and alcohol expensive than the same area of ​​water.Photo: Business Insider.item_1thumbnailcarouselimg740416 Bettertraveltips.comEasy to other countries: Singapore is very small, but is close to many other Asian countries, making traveling convenient and easy. From Singapore, you can quickly to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand … and many other places, especially for the world’s leading airport Changi. Photo: Yoursingapore.singapore_street_food_night_market Bettertraveltips.comGreat food: Food is one of the factors that makes Singapore a popular destination. The food is cheap and tasty street. Additionally, you can also enjoy the cuisine of other countries in the high-end restaurant. Photo: Business Insider.

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