8 experience you must try in Busan

To Busan, travelers do not forget to enjoy yourself in the beautiful beach, watching a baseball game and shopping center underground trade.

Wind damage on Haeundae beach


Busan has 6 very accessible beaches, including the famous Haeundae crowded with many luxurious hotels, casinos, aquariums … The Korean people usually flock here in the summer and find yourself a space on the beach to enjoy the cool air. It also hosts many cultural activities and attractive festivals in Korea.

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Going Jagalchi fish market

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Jagalchi is the biggest fish market in South Korea. Visitors can find here a variety of fresh seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, octopus, clams, oysters, snails … You just holding a large plastic pots and sellers will take and release on that which you choose. In addition to all kinds of fresh and dried, there are other markets on-site processing time for guests to enjoy.Therefore, you can hardly find anywhere fresh food than here.

Enjoy the Gwangalli

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You can reach this beach by subway. Compared with Haeundae, Gwangalli no more luxurious hotels or crowded on the beach. It is quite peaceful and fresh air. The restaurant, cafe, bar and always ready to serve guests. Evening is the ideal time to experience Gwangalli. From here, visitors can gaze out towards Gwangan bridge with lighting systems could create more than 100,000 different colors.

Go Spa

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Jimjilbang Spa is a traditional form very popular in Korea and one in Busan’s renowned Spa on the hill Dalmaji Vesta. Spa features a large window overlooking Haeundae beach. When soaking in hot mineral tubs and crowded beachfront, you’ll feel you’re in a different world, peace. Vesta like most Jimjilbang facilities, it offers overnight accommodation should be a great place to rest and relax.

BBQ at Cheongsapo Suminine

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This is the famous BBQ restaurant in Busan. But its menu is not beef, pork or chicken that is oysters, mussels, scallops, shrimp … all are grilled on charcoal brings natural flavors and hot.With the sea breeze blowing in, your meal will be more enjoyable.

At Shinsegae Department Store Shopping

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This is a commercial center with shops monumental superior design. You can start with breakfast in the basement; jimjilbang relax in the luxurious “Spa Land” or as few laps around the skating rink; Enjoy a 4D movie and watching the sunset from the rooftop garden Busan;and ends at one of the restaurant on the top floor.

See baseball at Giants Stadium Sajik

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Baseball is a popular sport in South Korea. To Giants, you are allowed to bring food and drinks outside in, even beer, soju, pizza and fried chicken are sold at the door. Saturday came round, orange plastic bags were distributed to people in order to clean up their garbage before leaving the site. However, fans often blown up and force them to bag the top of them, making the whole stadium full of orange balls on the break.

Shopping in the underground shopping mall Seomyeon

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This commercial center consists of two underground shopping mall or 8 lanes wide can pass.The small shop filled with electronic goods, cosmetics and the latest fashions. Note here is not suitable for people with claustrophobic syndrome.

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