8 experiences the most wonderful night while traveling to Hong Kong

Widely regarded as one of the famous tourist paradise in the world, when the light shines across the road, Hong Kong begins to become boisterous with many fun activities unique.

Entertainment in Lan Kwai Fong


Lan Kwai Fong is one of the exciting nightlife in Hong Kong. This place is always crowded at night, especially on festive occasions or New Year’s Day. The atmosphere of the club at this very exciting, suitable for tourists who love the excitement.

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Sightseeing boat in the port of Victoria

Hong Kong at night not only the bars or clubs. For those who prefer something new, it may do a walk tour boat in the harbor of Victoria. Fares include complimentary beverages always.Visitors will see the city as steeped in shimmering, brilliant.

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Temple Street night markets

Temple Street Night Market is a big noisy street in the central area Kowloon, starting from the intersection of Temple Street and Jordan Road intersects the north end KANSU road. In light of the incandescent bulb, the burden roadside selling everything clothes, handicrafts, shoes and local food specialties.

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Visit Wan Chai street

If you want to explore the other side of nightlife in Hong Kong, Wan Chai tourists should visit.Here, in addition to being able to play throughout the night at the bar, the red-light district would show you the many things that not everyone knows.

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Relax in Stanley

Each beauty of an ancient fishing village, famous Stanley today with bars, restaurants and modern roads romantic bloom. Visit King Ludwig Beerhall, Smuggler’s Inn, guests can find a private seating overlooking the sea or to enjoy a drink. Stanley is also the ideal destination for those who love to entertain, relax in comfortable places, airy.

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Enjoy a drink in SoHo

This is a matching address people like the bar, with classic pub. The shops in SoHo are focusing on the small streets close together (like Elgin, Staunton or Peel) so you will not need to move much when coming here.

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Walk from Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is an ideal place for tourists to have a fun day extravaganza night while traveling to Hong Kong. This place is very much focused lively bars and luxury shops. In addition, this area has a lot of impressive scenery can do the background, helping tourists get pictures like that.

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Visit Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is one area many tourists and locals come to play every night. It has many fashionable shops, restaurants, bars … so visitors can just shop has earned a place to stop to rest very convenient.

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