8 interesting thing should know before travel Melbourne, Australia

Go shopping at the Queen Victoria Market, boat stroll on Yarra River, relaxing at the beach St. Kilda, … is one of the many exciting experiences should know before traveling Melbourne .

Go shopping at the Queen Victoria Market


Located at the corner of Elizabeth Street between Victoria and city. Queen Victoria Market is an interesting destination of food lovers. Cho has over 1,000 stalls, selling everything from fruit and vegetables, fresh produce and local products to clothing, crops, livestock, spread over a wide area to 70.000m 2.

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If given the opportunity to market, you do not forget to taste a jam Doughnut from mobile food vehicles famous American Doughnut Kitchen. The market is open every day, except Monday and Wednesday.

Visit National Exhibition Victoria

Known as the cultural capital of Australia made to Melbourne guests enjoy the masterpieces of this city of art in museums or exhibition scale.

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One place you should look is the national exhibition Victoria. This is a public art museum of Australia’s oldest, which showcases a collection of the most important art of this country, with everything from antiques and Roman Egypt, the ancient Asian art to the Renaissance era, three ROC and contemporary art.

Watching the flow of people crossing the square at Federation

Federation Square is a community center and public spaces of Melbourne. The background of the square was paved sandstone platform higher than the street, so standing in the square, visitors can watch the people walking on the street and Yarra River.

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Additionally, the campus of the plaza, visitors will also find many attractive entertainment, museums, art galleries and certainly indispensable restaurants, bars elegance.

Visiting Victorian library

Books have an important role in the life and the library is the place contains the most valuable book. If you are an avid reader, and to discover the wealth of knowledge of the city of Melbourne, the Victorian go to the library – where you can find all the books from romance, to books on witchcraft, explore … In addition, visitors here will also be involved in free tour lasts about 1 hour, visit the reading room here.

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Boat stroll on the Yarra

Yarra river flows through the city of Melbourne, creating many beautiful landscapes in its two shores. Here, visitors should walk around two sides of the river or sit on a sightseeing boat chuyec, because this will help you have the opportunity to admire the many scenic attractions of the city.

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Relax in the beach St. Kilda

St. Kilda is one of the beaches near the city. Guests can take 15 minutes from Flinders Street Station to go to this beach. All you need to do is catch a tram and looking to immerse yourself in the sea space in St. Kilda. Here visitors will find the park, great cafes, bars, hotels and upscale restaurants.

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Panoramic view from on high in Melbourne Eureka Tower

Eureka Tower is located in downtown Melbourne is an extremely famous attractions. The tower design brings beauty extremely fragile but surely. Especially, when up to the top floor of Eureka Tower, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and beyond could see mountains covered by the green of the trees and the beautiful bay. Specifically, around 92 storey tower is dreaming Yarra River, large park, art gallery, luxury shopping, making this increasingly popular destination.

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Visit Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium

Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest stadium in Australia and is one of the 10 biggest stadiums on the planet, with a capacity of over 100,000 people. Often referred to as the familiar name “G”, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the main stadium of the 1956 Olympic Games, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

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