8 reasons why you should go to New Zealand now this summer

Romantic space summer snow, fairy lost in the village Hobbit, or challenge yourself with a game bungy is a unique experience only in New Zealand.

Here are 8 reasons to convince you to come to New Zealand this summer.

Midsummer snow

image001 Bettertraveltips.comWhile Vietnam is entering the sultry summer days in New Zealand, people delight in participating ski activities, hiking between the cool winter weather. In New Zealand, the winter started from June to August, with an average temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius Influenced by latitude and near the oceans, the climate here is not too hot or too cold. Especially, when the city of Queenstown, visitors will have interesting experiences with weather changes over four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter in the same day.

Save half the cost of flying

image003 Bettertraveltips.comSummer tour to New Zealand in 2016, the Vietnamese guests will save half the cost of airfare. Specifically, New Zealand airline will open direct flights to Ho Chi Minh City with the frequency of 3 flights / week from June to the end of October, helping travelers save up costs and travel time.

Discover paradise on earth

New Zealand is known by many fine words “where terrestrial paradise”, “the happiest country in the world” for many reasons. New Zealand’s cities often rank high in the list of the world’s most liveable place by infrastructure, health policy, education, social welfare improvements. Above all, the environment here is very fresh, with plenty of beautiful natural scenery spread across the country. In particular, the tourist destinations in New Zealand has always been logical operators to not lose the pristine beauty of nature.

Leave footprints, storage image

New Zealand, make sure travelers footsteps marked by so many places. Auckland – City of Sails, visitors can take in the views 360 degrees scenery here from Sky Tower – the symbol of the city, or walk the Harbour Bridge, the beautiful Mission Bay visit.

Summer 2016 new zealand tourism, new zealand travel, bungy jumping, visit the hobbit house, summer snow, star travelRotorua in the North of the features of the tribal culture Maori. The people organizing many activities related to this longstanding ethnic groups. In addition to experience traditional activities, immersed in the natural hot springs, hot mud is also popular activities here.

Do not forget to travelers along farm Te Puke kiwi 360 visits to learn the technology of planting, harvesting and processing fruits rich in this nutrient. The hospitality farmers here will invite you to enjoy the cool fresh fruit freshly picked from the branches.Besides, you can not help admiring the work observed shearing, milking the cows, watching the sheepdogs vivacious, fun in the Agrodome show.

Conquering challenges at the “adventure capital”

With geographical advantages endowed by New Zealand, hardly blame people here to hectic with activities and adventure sports. This is the birthplace of bungy jumping sports and games zorbing ball rolling.

image007 Bettertraveltips.comIn addition, the country kiwi many sporting activities, other venture builds on the facilities, infrastructure and safety, suitable for natural conditions of each tourist areas such as white water rafting, kayaking, sightseeing from helicopters, parachuting, mountain climbing, trekking through the jungle, horse riding … In winter, the city of Queenstown become giant ski resort with ski sports, skating, climbing vibrant place, making the winter in New Zealand no less hectic summer day.

Understand how the kiwis and kiwi

Many have recognized kiwi in New Zealand is the world’s finest. But not many people know this type of fruit is named after the kiwi bird – the national bird of New Zealand.This species emits the cry “kiwi, kiwi,” Friendly round with brown feathers, but not fly but have short legs strong, fast running speed of about 16 km / h. New Zealanders love this bird that proudly says “I am the Kiwis”, also can understand that “I am a New Zealander”. May be due to the unique appearance, gentle nature, the strong vitality of the little birds are very similar to adventurous personality, adventurous people here.Even the currency New Zealand dollar also called informal Kiwi dollar.

Stepping into the world of fairy “Lord of the Rings”

image009 Bettertraveltips.comNew Zealand is famous for beautiful scene in the film fairy Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Matamata town attracted more than 36,000 visitors each year is home to the village of Hobbiton in movies. Even those who are not fans of the film have also been attracted by the style of semi-submersible in the hills of the Hobbit house. Each house has different shapes, unique and lovely with round doors. In the house fully furnished with cupboards, tables and chairs, the tiny teapot …

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