9 things to discover when traveling Dubai

As one of the kingdoms of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is famous for skyscrapers, where relaxation is the celebrity and the world’s wealthy come. If you have the opportunity to come here once, you should give priority to exploring the following 9 points to hundreds of other destinations.

1. Hotel 7 * Burj Al Arab World’s largest


Burj al-Arab is not landlocked but on an artificial island in the sea, 280 meters from shore.Outside, a white Rolls Royce fleet is always ready to serve customer needs. Fireworks will be shot from the bridge leading into the hotel to inform VIPs.

dubai , Candylicious confectionery shops , hotels 7 * Burj Al Arab , explore , travel , united , the world's longest train , Burj KhalifaHotels 7 * Burj Al Arab World’s largest

2. Musical Theater longest in the world Burj Dubai lake

More than 6,600 lights and 25 color projectors were installed to help travelers easily enjoy performances of magic colorful country music scene, this 275m long distance many kilometers! Nearly every visitor can not take your eyes before the flame spraying water high bend on the Arab music industry and the world …

20110511153812_3.dubai Bettertraveltips.com

Stage performances by the world’s longest country music on Burj Dubai Lake

3. The system is fully automated metro in the world long

With a length of over 40km. The unmanned electric trains are programmed correctly and on time travel and automatically stop when the incident occurs. The station is also designed as a magnificent hotel enough for this place to become a destination for travel to Dubai!

dubai-metro-line_resize Bettertraveltips.com

Metro System longest unmanned world in Dubai

4. Building the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa

Along with 828m height was put into use in 2010. achieved many firsts as the most multi-storey buildings (164 floors), with their balconies with panoramic city observing the world’s tallest (124 floor), elevator World’s fastest run (reaching 64km / h) …

khalifa-1jpg Bettertraveltips.com

Burj Khalifa

5. confectionery shop Candylicious

Measuring 1,000m 2 located in Dubai Mall shopping center of Dubai’s company which sells candy Candylicious world’s largest confectionery is another interesting discovery.

nhung-cong-trinh-thu-vi-o-dubai-5 Bettertraveltips.com

Candy shop Candylicious

6. Dubai Cuisine

This is the city of the super-rich and super-poor. You can enjoy a meal at the highest point on the 5-star hotel in the style of a “kingly”. Around you are the richest man thanks to the economic boom in Dubai. A meal here costs around 140 USD.

If you want a cheap meal, you can find Al Dhiyafah road. The restaurants here serve the middle with dishes from Lebanon, Iran and India. Or shop at street Par Iranian Al Dhiyafah at Kitchen you will enjoy nutritious lamb and fresh seafood. Opposite the restaurant Pars style Ravi Pakistan.

am-thuc Bettertraveltips.com

7. Gold Souk, jewelry

Dubai is also known as a place to buy gold on the cheap, but you have to haggle to get the best bargains. If you intend to purchase or even buy, you should also take a stroll through one round of the Gold Souk – Gold famous downtown. Not only gold, the other shops here sell platinum, diamonds and silver. Government strictly control quality assured here so you do not buy fake goods. But it should be noted with the hawkers on the streets with the course “lifelike counterfeit goods”.

Another place not by air but in the Gold Souk but cheaper goods Gold & Diamond that area Park. Here visitors can find exclusive single items or ornaments that are made ​​to individual requirements of guests at the same price.

hinh-4-1415875097469 Bettertraveltips.com

8. Champagne Brunch

Under Islamic law, alcohol can only be served in the hotel’s range. If you come here on a Friday (considered the first day of the Muslim weekend) you will see a lot of surprises around drinking. The holiest day of the Muslim week but also opened the door for more hotel serves Champagne Brunch.

In Dubai, if involved parties Champagne Brunch buffet you can eat and drink are not restricted. You can go to Le Meridien’s Yalumba to drink champagne delight, with tables piled high with food. And if you like a picnic is not great where more Mina A ‘Salam Brunch.

f19693054 Bettertraveltips.comf19693054 Bettertraveltips.com

9. Desert

The easiest way for you to explore the sand dunes outside the city’s 4-wheel drive. This is a popular tour but it depends on your health, because you’ll have to go into the desert with a jeep, eat in the desert .

You can also travel by airship discover new things, to fly on the hot sand under the sun. If you just want to see the desert sand without getting dizzy or vomiting you can to Bab Al Shams to sit on the top floor and enjoying a cocktail watching the sun on the dunes filled.

p1372440226_desertsafari4250 Bettertraveltips.com

The easiest way for you to explore the sand dunes outside the city’s 4-wheel drive

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