9 towns most exotic in the world

The underground town, the people can speak with the dead, the town was named after the brand of coffee in Vietnam … is the one place in the world. The same Bettertraveltips.com find out which particular town?!

Nagoro, Japan

Population: 35 and 350 puppet doll

Nagoro village in Shikoku Island, like many other villages in the countryside of Japan. Most young people flock to the big city to work and live in the village, only the elderly. As a result, Ms. Tsukimi Ayano-a craftsman in the village had the idea of creating the puppet doll to represent the young people have left the village to leave or someone has died. Currently, all buildings in the village of Nagoro has the appearance of the scarecrow. This is also one of the reasons why this small village more tourists come to visit.


Tangier, Virginia, United States Of America

Population: 720

The town of Tangier is famous and attracts the attention of linguists with a special American English voices. American English is a dialect of the English language used mostly in the United States. About 71% of people who use English as a first language live in the United States. The use of English in the United States is inherited from the British Raj era. The wave of English-speaking settlers came to North America in the 17th century. From the 1600s, when the Cornish people started settling here, the inhabitants of Tangier has started developing the American English dialect.

Coober Pedy, Australia

Population: approximately 3,500 people

Coober Pedy is famous for its subterranean buildings such as churches, restaurants and hotels are being built underground.

This is a town located in the outback of Australia, about 846 km north of Adelaide. The town formed in 1915. This town was known as the “Opal capital of the world” due to the vast output of precious opal is mined here. Decades ago the first miners had started building houses located underground to avoid dust and gas due to the extraction of precious Opal, avoid harsh climate with the dazzling sun chang. Currently, Opal mining method has much improved but around 1,600 residents of Coober Pedy still live underground. This also helps them escape the heat in summer and heating in winter.

9 towns most exotic in the world

Lily Dale, New York, United States Of America

Population: approximately 200 people

The village was founded in the late 1800 ‘s early 1900 ‘s, the period of movement. This is the ideal village for the Mage, psychic House and those who practice animism. Supporting spiritualism (Latin: Anima means spirit, soul) as defined by the British anthropologist Edward Burnett Tylor is the belief in the spirits creature. Followers of this theory believe that the souls of the dead has the ability and tendency to communicate with the living.

Currently the population, it is only 200 inhabitants but each year there are about 20. 000 visitors came to participate in the classes, seminars to learn how to cure and how to communicate between the earthly and the people who have died from celebrities like Deepak Chopra. The main mystery is more attracted many people to Lily Dale to explore and look for answers, or just to enjoy the beauty and tranquility here.


Hallstatt, China

Here a little longer, a village in Guangdong suddenly became famous when copy raw architecture of village of Hallstatt (Austria), which is recognized as a world heritage site. The village of Hallstatt world cultural heritage of UNESCO being Chinese “Clones” again with construction costs of up to 940 million dollars.

Project village of Hallstatt “Clones” in China due to a mining company Minmetals initiation, caused much controversy and also led the villagers in Hallstatt is incredible, I can’t believe that China can reproduce exactly their village. The project was his “concrete” each House, trees, lakes in the original version, even importing both the pigeons far from Europe.


Centralia, Pennsylvania, Usa

Population: 7 people (in 2013)

In 1960 the population of over 5,000, when Centralia is really a commercial. However, in 1962, the workers while burning waste in a pit of coal burned a coal vein in underground, the amount of coal burned, this led to burn coal and mineral veins, all create a terrible fire.People have anything put out the fire which was not.

The fire was smoldering fires during the past 20 years to ground out. It is estimated that the fire also will continue burning in 250 years. The remaining scenery bleak and scary truth, fracture of trees, homes, streets are being destroyed before. Hence the Government has revoked the town’s postal code and encourage people to move out of here but come 2013, seven people still remained on the town. The Government has agreed to let them stay, on condition that when they die, their assets will be donated to eminent domain.


Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Population: 3,000 people

Located in the Northwest of the city of Ronda, Spain, Setenil de las Bodegas has about 3,000 people live. Special feature of this town is the majority of the town’s homes are built right on the cliffs of Cadiz. The houses are painted white, the poetic café is nestled under the cliff is one point in particular attract many visitors to the town.


Buford PhinDeli, Wyoming, Usa

Population: 2 people

Buford in the u.s. State of Wyoming, the American West, Cheyenne, capital of the State about 50 km to the East. Originally, the town was known as Buford, in terms of the scale of the village only has 5 buildings and 3 people that Don Sammons (owner and Mayor of the town), his wife and his son. After his wife died and his son move, Sammons has decided to auction it to the highest bidder. Finally, Mr. Pham Family Resources-a Vietnamese businessman bought it for $ 900,000 and changes its name to Buford PhinDeli aims to promote the brand PhinDeli café comes to the u.s. market.


Damanhur, Italy

Population: 600 people

Damanhur was established in 1975 by Oberto Airaudi, the eco-village is located in Northern Italy. Initially, only about 24 people he Oberto Airaudi to support construction of the village, as well as the architecture, the temple here. They live by self, self level by energy and natural life.

Currently, Damanhur has about 600 residents and includes a private currency unit (Credito) and their own universities.


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