A day excursion ‘city of the gods’

Only 24 hours to visit well enough to explore the interesting thing about most major cities of Greece as the relics, ancient villages or local cuisine.

Athens is the capital of Greece, one of the oldest cities in the world. You should not try to experience many things possible. Instead, gathered in Monastiraki, one of the main shopping districts, well enough so that you have a full day and fun.


Cruise ships docked in Piraeus every day to take guests to Athens. From the gate, you turn left, walk 15 minutes to the nearest Pier. Line up the No. 1 train (Metro Line 1) from the port of Pierus to Ben Monastirali (past 7 stops).

The fare per weekly less than one USD. Not only is the cheapest way to go to Athens, the train also the appropriate means for you to enjoy street art Greece. Most here are the colorful graffiti painting.


The Acropolis

Start with a beautiful ancient city ruins of the Acropolis (The defense in Athens). This is the ancient ruins are located on a cliff, one of the legacies of many visitors in the world.

The right time to visit the Acropolis is the morning-by you’ll have to climb steep and the weather can be very hot. Cool air in the early morning will help put more pleasant.

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The Acropolis seen from far away.

The Citadel is also a notable historical buildings such as the Partheon Temple, built by General Pericles in the 5th century BC to commemorate the achievements of the people of Athens.

You can also visit the two open-air theater Theater of Dionysious and Theater of Herod, where chaos making room to gather and is the arena for the fight. Today, it is the venue for concerts, Ballet and many other cultural activities.

Be prepared mentally to the Acropolis by surely you can’t imagine the grandeur of this relic if haven’t actually gone. Visitors can take hours to visit the works or just breathe in the fresh air here.

The ancient village of Plaka

Plaka is the historic heart of Athens. A small village between the city, nestled below the Acropolis. Musicians, florists, salons and cafes filled with streets winding maze in Plaka. You can stroll around the store to pick up some souvenir.

Alternatively, you can go to the flea market of Athens in Avissynian, where the presentation to sell from trinkets to fresh fruit with very competitive prices. To avoid crowded, you should find the exit in the narrow streets, flower-lined paper. One way to help and enjoy the charming beauty of the flower, just admire the eye-catching street works.

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Typical small streets in Plaka.

Eat drink

You should stay away from the expensive meal waste. Paper flower weighs streets in Plaka has many restaurants and coffee shops selling Greek demotic, rich enough for you to choose from that are so delicious, reasonable price.

Crossing the street in Avissynias square, go straight to the marketplace at least tourists, you’ll find a range of small pubs, the ouzeri (a sale of ouzo, a Greek drink) and many restaurants decorate simple yet very delicious food.

You should also enjoy fresh seafood, olives, salads and local cheeses, don’t forget to SIP ouzo. If the Meze dishes (the plates of food small appetizer served with ouzo) not do you no the abdomen, use more bread Greek version of Doner Kebab with Gyros meat-filled rolls, sliced thin, fresh tomatoes, onion, tzatziki sauce and French fries.

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Bread roll Gyros. 

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